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Rather than Treat Your Daily Life Sloppily, You could Elevate Your Daily Life with Three Tips. 

Source: Pinterest

Since the pandemic was aggravated everywhere, The word “儀式感” has become the ace up of Marketing departments’ sleeves. Everyone seemed to put this word into practice as a belief. 

So, you might wonder what the word “儀式感” is. Here came one of the most accepted definitions. “This word means you differentiate some days from other ones with details.” For example, you usually take a shower, but today you suddenly take a bath, soaking yourself into hot water, like being embraced by someone. Or you choose a day to prepare a feast for your family. 

The core is to spice up monotonous daily routines and make them grand as a ritual to celebrate festivals. It symbolizes “rites.” Countless people make living to survive in exhausting reality. However, life leaves some space to remind you how to live more leisurely, even just a little bit. I would like to share three tips that adorn your daily life as rites.


Tip 1: Decorate your bedroom exquisitely with your ideas.

A bedroom would be one of the most highly used space in our houses. How comfortable and cozy it is will affects the quality of our living. Basic as keeping your room tidy, decorating your room by adding some details is a good start, to make it grand as if you prepare it for some coming events. 

Also, putting plants in your room not only highlights the whole space but also releases the owner's stress. Through woody color tones paired with green plants, the style of your room becomes more distinguished and more stress-relieving.

Source: Pinterest

Tip 2: A watch outdoes a smartphone on obtaining happiness on knowing what time it is.

Despite the fact that everyone has formed a habit to know what time it is on their phone nowadays, an exquisite watch may leave a positive impression on other people’s minds. Not to mention, this watch also graces your outfits to create a distinctive vibe.

Through the Hera Minimalist Collection, you are able to pair any outfits, as the Hera Collection fits any style. Furthermore, watches are meant to remind you about the awareness of time. Once putting one on, it shows an attitude that you pay high attention to your arrangement, like treating a coming festival.

The Hera Collection (Link)


Tip 3: No matter how busy you are, remember to treat yourself well.

In busy mode, many easily ignore the importance of having a good meal. All they focus on is “simple.” A food delivery or a bowl of instant noodles would satisfy them. More probably, they just have eaten lousy food while working for another week.

After an exhausting week, on Friday night, they finally have free time to cook themselves a feast. Select a bottle of wine to pair steaming cuisines and find a series of movies. It’s your right to be a couch potato and reward yourself.

Source: Pinterest

The rites in your daily life accumulate in trivial matters, which demonstrates a serious attitude to life. Now, it’s your time to create rites that matter in your daily life.