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【Recommendations】How Can You Miss This Color, the Coziest Blue? The Feature of Seven Dark Blue Watches.

Dark blue is the warmest color, also the most well-known as a unisex one. Especially when you take photos outdoors, no matter an azure sky or a marine ocean, the grace of blue stands out. As a result, most would put blue as the first choice. Next, I have listed seven hottest watches that include minimalist, functional, and balanced styles. 

The first recommendation: Hera dark blue-black mesh

In minimalist dark blue, this Hera watch is one of the classics, which I would recommend to beginners the most. Sheer as the blue sky, the beauty of this watch will absorb your mind when you reach out your hand and gaze at it. (Link)


The second recommendation: Apollo dark blue-black mesh

The Apollo dark blue watch is a multifunctional chronograph. Paired with a denim jacket, you create a harmonious, quality outfit in a warm style. (Link)


The third recommendation: Zeus dark blue-black mesh

In pure blue, equipped with a small second, this Zeus watch radiates a warm style, having an enormous group of fans, which results from its neat design. (Link)

The fourth recommendation: Tethys dark blue-black mesh

A Tethys dark blue watch has a unique pattern similar to water ripples, which would glitter like the surface of a lake. To taste the purity, freedom, and serenity of blue, you must not miss this one. (Link)
The fifth recommendation: Poseidon dark blue-black mesh 

The gray and blue of a Poseidon watch build up steady aesthetics, with two sub-eyes assembled vertically. This structure ensured the whole timepiece is balanced and gorgeous. (Link)

The sixth recommendation: Hebe dark blue-rose gold mesh

Apart from round watches, other watches in various shapes are worthy of being collected. For example, this Hebe square dark blue watch presents how distinguished your taste is due to its rare appearance. (Link)


The seventh recommendation: Diana dark blue-black mesh

A Diana octagonal dark blue blended perseverance and chicness. The Diana dark blue watch is the most distinctive one in this introduction. With sophistication and uniqueness, this Diana dark blue watch will give you company, facing all the obstacles with you, making you fearless. (Link)


In conclusion, the watches mentioned above are unisex. In whichever shape, every watch is a crystal of THEODORA’S. You could choose a timepiece according to your preferred style.

More watches are on the official website.