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2021 Has Less Than 140 Day. Let’s Form Habits to Change Ourselves!

At a glance, 2021 has passed more than a half. It’s not many days left this year. Still, you will find back compassion if using the right ways. Furthermore, you reverse your life with these left 100 more days. Let’s take a look at these tips.


Tip 1: Replace your old habits with new ones.

I believe that everyone inevitably formed bad habits, which were likely to last forever. As usual, these bad habits might not harm your daily life remarkably. Nevertheless, we still had chances to get rid of bad habits with new ones, to balance our living pace. 

Nowadays, modern citizens are usually assigned a heavy workload, after exhausting hours, they are automatically snubbing their phones, though. It steals their sleeping time. Sleep Postponement is a health-consuming habit that modern citizens should quit the most. 

The first step is to get a notebook, write down old habits and new ones, and divide them into two sides. Here is a tip. The more accurate your new habits are, the more possibilities you would form them.

For example, you plan to quit staying up late. So, you might write down a new habit, which is going to bed at 11 o’clock. The new habit leaves 30 minutes which allows you to snub your phone. Still, you sleep before Midnight. A good habit would reserve some flexibility to help you get used to it swiftly; break your bad habits at the same time. 


Tip 2: Make a to-do list and record your time management.
It is an eternal issue about how to manage your time. Nevertheless, you work like a spinning top, yet not many things get done. To solve this problem, make a to-do list every day and cross off a mission after finishing one. These actions not only construct your confidence but also raise the rate of accomplishing goals. Thus, the final one, time management, has been done.

Or if you want to distribute your time to your schedule more efficiently, obtaining a watch may satisfy your demands.

Here come recommendations for you, two watches of the Apollo and Zeus Collections. The functions of the Apollo include a day indicator, a date indicator, and a 24-hour indicator. If paired with dark brown straps, the Apollo looks cozy and harmonious. Furthermore, due to its details of time, the Apollo would significantly increase the efficiency of utilizing time. (Link)

As for the Zeus Small Second watch, the black veiled this watch with a sense of mystery. When wearing a Zeus small second watch, you go more mature. Besides, a second pointer and a date window would be the best reminders in your daily life. (Link)

Time is the fairest resource that we have ever had. With a watch, you cherish precious time more. Everyone only owns 24 hours a day. Through precise time management, you would double the efficiency of utilizing your time.


Tip 3: List your daily accomplishments.
All of us would say “if I were…, I would…” or “If I had worked harder, I would have had a better consequence.”, most lines around regretting past. Once sinking into depression, you will lose motivation to keep going.

Therefore, to avoid situations like the above, you could write down at least an improvement every day, even it is tiny. As long as you accumulate these improvements, you know how far you have come and cultivated your positive thinking. These are tips to change yourself practically. 


In the days left of 2021, let’s renew ourselves! When a new year is coming so that we won’t feel that nothing gets done.