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【Tutorial】 Fonts of Stories have been Updated. Let’s Refresh Your Stories with Them! 

Recently, Instagram has been testing new functions. However, not everyone has the chance to try new functions. The common situation would be some test them inadvertently, and others don’t obtain chances to do it. But contrary to the previous situation, everyone has an opportunity to decorate stories with new fonts. Now is time to reveal this secret together!


#Tip 1: To Type in the new font, Papyrus.

First, pick up a picture. I would choose a picture of Hera’s black watch-orange brown straps since I wanted to share this watch with you. The size of this petite watch suits slim girls especially. When you go to work, a suit jacket paired with this watch stands out. Next, I will take this example to show you how to type words with new fonts.


At first, before you are type words, choose the font, comic. Then, type the word “papyrus.” Here is a hint. Try to avoid using the auto-correction; it will fail this function. Must type letters one by one.

After it has been done, delete your words and type your own stories.

Most people nowadays share their stories on Instagram due to its convenience. To stand out, focusing on details, such as fonts, would catch more eyes.


#Tip 2: To type Chinese in a fancy font.
While Instagram updated a while before, some fancy fonts for Chinese disappeared, too. We offered another way to solve this problem. Enormous users find a stellar font again.

First, go to set up a Japanese keyboard on your phone. Second, type any Chinese words and choose a built-in font on Instagram. Third, type any alphabet of Japanese; then select the third font from last.

The final step, delete the Japanese alphabet you typed. Magic happens. The Chinese words turn into one in a fancy font.

The classic font, Song, graces your stories no matter which picture you select. Like this picture of Apollo watch paired with rose gold meshes, the font added a touch of classical elegance. On the other hand, due to the Apollo watch’s glory, the story’s class doubled. Apart from fonts, if you want to elevate your story with a watch, welcome to visit our official website and select a timepiece you prefer. That’s all recent tips for Instagram’s stories. Don’t forget to try and share them with your besties. Thus, you’ll share daily life more often.