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【Travel Plan】 Take Your Time and Travel around with Watches of THEODORA’S.

Most think they still have endless time to chase their dreams or goal. Then, they postpone what they have dreamed. After those realized days fly fast, they got old and regretful about dreams and goals, which had been postponed when they were young. Thus, take chances while you can, no matter what you want to do.

I, Miaoli, am a person who loves traveling, either domestically or abroad. When having spare time, I can’t wait to go outdoors, such as going on a picnic in the park or seeing exhibitions in a museum. Sometimes, I would love to take a trip to broaden my life.

When the COVID-19 alert declined to level 2, I had already prepared to travel to tourist attractions on my list. (Don’t forget to wear a mask.) This time, I came to the Mountain Yanmin, Quintaingang. However, the fog was extremely dense that I could not see anything. It was a pity.

Also, I would like to introduce “my partner” traveling with me. It is an Apollo petite skin-pink watch-rose gold-meshes.

This watch is one of THEODORA’S. THEODORA'S is a Taiwan watch brand devoted to the development and design of watches and accessories. Founded in 2017, THEODORA’S started to expand its business to the Southern-East area. 

The name was originated from Greek, which meant a gift from heaven. Based on this concept, THEODORA’S hoped each customer would find a distinctive gift exclusive for themselves here. 

Back to this watch, though my wrist was slimmer beyond imagination, the Apollo petite rose gold watch fitted me well. If you do not know the mini dials on the watch, they were day, date, and 24-hour indicators separately.

Personally speaking, rose gold suits girls, especially when girls try to pair it with outfits.

Moreover, wearing a watch is not only for fashion. It will remind you what time it is. You will be acutely aware of how swiftly time is ticking away.

Due to the pandemic, I have been unable to travel abroad for more than a year. As a result, I would like to remind you again that do anything you want as soon as possible. Maybe, there are many magnificent places you haven’t discovered yet in your hometown, just as I hadn’t noticed how exquisite the case back was until I took it off.

On the other hand, if you prefer more static activities, I recommend you another place is a “flower market.”

Each time I pick flowers, I always feel like I am in Paris.

The outfit for that day was casual. Rather than keep my outfit weird, this watch graced the whole with its quality look.

THEODORA’S hoped everyone might obtain a feeling like wandering in the park or visiting a museum. Consequently, they selected watches fitting this purpose. I liked this concept, too. As a result, I recommended watches of THEODORA’S to you.

What’s more, THEODORA’S didn’t miss details, such as packages. Even though you may choose home delivery, your watch still comes with a carry bag. 

Tools for maintenance, like a silver-polishing cloth, illustration. 

Warranty card.

And tools for adjusting watch bands. After all, not everyone has such tools for that. 

Don’t worry about the safeguard for watches. There will be a sponge to protect watches from damages.

To conclude, THEODORA’S as a watch brand sells quality watches at affordable prices. It shows how competitive THEODORA’S. I believe you will discover an enticing watch for yourself.