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Natural is the best! Five Watches Made from Mother-of-Pearl. Their Glossy Ripples Make You Fall into Them.

Apart from watch bands, materials of watches are ones of details that keep watches unique. So, I would recommend the mother-of-pearl collection to you. The watches of this collection radiate with natural patterns. Each one features an uncopiable beauty. For the next part, I have listed five featured watches made from mother-of-pearl, for those keen on distinctive styles.


1. Orpheus bluish green chronograph

An Orpheus bluish green chronograph always owns a high reputation. Compared to other bluish green watches, the Orpheus bluish green chronograph seems more exquisite due to the gloss of mother-or-pearl. If paired with a black gold braided layered bracelet, the Orpheus bluish green chronograph ensures you enjoy its unique style when you stroll in the city. (Link)

2. Orpheus black chronograph

An Orpheus black chronograph, gray pointers keep the whole watch stylish in low-saturated colors. Under the sunlight, its dial reflects radiance as an aurora, sometimes hazy, some clear, displaying an understated and mysterious atmosphere. If you are keen on black, I will highly suggest this black variant watch to you. (Link)

3. Venus black watch

A Venus black watch, in minimalist design, elevates the gloss of mother-of-pearl. Vast patterns glow with varied kinds of gloss. This watch has a classic and a petite version. In a unisex color, the Venus black watch is suitable for couples. Couples who wear the watches display that they are in sync understatedly. (Link)

4. Venus blue gray watch

A Venus blue gray watch, of Morandi colors, which is rarely seen, adorns this watch with cozy aesthetics. With a delicate heart bracelet, the Venus blue gray watch seems exquisite to the core. All the girls would take this watch. (Link)

5. Venus brownish red watch
A Venus brownish red watch, whose straps are also in brownish red, emanates its distinctive grace, resulting from the uncommon color pairing. As autumn and winter are coming, how about putting down common brown and black watches, and have a warm brownish red to set off your beauty. (Link)

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