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Watches Recommended Make You in Milk Tea Color in Autumn. That’s how simple to Create a Sophisticated Image.

As slight cool autumn is coming silently, it’s time to renew our outfits and accessories to fit in this season. For autumn, the most suitable color tones, highlighting elegance, unrestricted to ages, are not more than earth tones and milk tea tones. From light ones, such as from bisque to dark ones, such as caramel brown, these elements fit autumn outfits the most.

From Light tones-bisque combined with white to dark tones-caramel brown are the mainstream elements of autumn.

Still, as for accessories, to maintain the consistency of your outfits, chic and graceful milk tea accessories always are at the top in autumn. I have listed five watches selling like hotcakes, which will turn you into a fashionista this autumn.

#Aurora solar-powered collection

A matte black watch and milk tea leather straps form a significant contrary-a dark dial paired with light straps add layers of fascination to the whole timepiece so that this watch accentuates your extraordinary taste. Besides, the solar-powered collection doesn’t need periodical battery replacement. As there is light, these solar-powered watches are going to recharge themselves. Based on this advantage, it will bring you more convenience.

Aurora solar-powered black-milk tea

#Apollo chronograph collection

Starting autumn with chic rose gold is a decent choice, too. From dials to straps are consistent color tones. Not only are these color tones convenient to be paired with, but they exactly embellish your skin tones. 

Apollo skin pink-milk tea crazy horse leather

Besides, the new-released light-khaki straps in light almond color were born for autumn. Now are paired with watches to sell. The tender texture of the leather has an advantage of an excellent cover around your wrist. It’s time to wave goodbye to summer with a cozy, all-purpose color.

The Apollo collection’s subdials are a day indicator, a date indicator, and a 24-hour clock indicator. Both function and fashion are balanced. 

Limited-edition Apollo watch & strap set

#Hera classic collection

The most well-known caramel milk tea color, paired with either white or black dials, presents two distinct tastes. Nevertheless, the classic always looks enduring. 

Hera eggshell white-orange brown
Hera black-orange brown

#Bestsellers-bi-fold wallets

Also, there are “milk tea” and “caramel brown” elements from the bi-fold wallet collection, which are bestsellers. From outfits to accessories to be of autumn, let’s be the ones in the earth tone!

Women’s bi-fold wallets-milk tea
Women’s bi-fold wallets-orange brown


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