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【Watch Recommended】We Released the Feature of Sophisticated Divas’ Favorite Petite Watches.

We have sorted out non-typical watches of Theodora’s to break the stereotype that watches must be round. Thus, we recommend these watches to readers who are keen on distinct styles. Not only do these timepieces polish details of your outfits and taste, but they are friendlier to girls whose wrists are slimmer than usual due to their petite sizes.

#Hebe square collection 

Hebe square bluish green-black mesh band


A square bluish green dial, paired with quality black mesh bands, radiates a tranquil sense of mystery always, whichever style this watch goes with well. (Link)

Hebe square bluish green-rose gold mesh band

As autumn and winter are coming, such a dark green dial strengthens the atmosphere that the season is changing. If paired with autumn wear like knitted jackets or suit jackets, all these fashions and watches will make your outfit more autumnal. (Link)

Hebe square white-rose gold mesh band

A white dial paired with rose gold is always a popular style selling like hotcakes. A dainty watch on your wrist looks distinguished and gracious. (Link)

#Diana octagon collection

Diana petite dark blue-black mesh band


This one from the Diana octagon collection is a favorite of mine. Because of its noticeable shape, you don’t need to worry much about seeing another same watch on one’s wrist. Clear-cut and chic, this watch displays your outstanding taste. (Link)

Diana petite skin pink-rose gold mesh band

Either serene dark watches or sophisticated skin pink ones can turn you into the most sparkling person with a dial in the clear-cut shape of an octagon. (Link)


Additionally, the Diana octagon collection owns two versions, petite and oversized, suiting both men and women. If you want to wear these watches as couple watches, they will be one of the fittest in ever-changing styles.


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