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Popular Watch Pairings for a Week, Quick Release Straps Switch Your Styles Each Day.

Have you ever heard that watches also change their styles according to your daily outfits and occasions? Whether you have heard it or not, this article will demonstrate how to pair your watches and weekly outfits for different occasions. It is promised that all watches here are bestsellers with assorted functions.

Now, let an Apollo bluish green reveal a good start of a week for you. Unique and classic, this watch attracts your sight with irresistible magic. Whoever you are, you would be keen on this watch. For the beginning of a week, all should be outstanding.

Recommended watch: Apollo bluish green-black mesh band

Next, a Mercury solar-powered chronograph, paired with milk-tea straps, soothe others and yourself with delicate colors, keeping you in a radiant mood the whole day. Everyone gets attracted by your heart-warming style since you look like a star.

Recommended watch: Mercury white solar-powered-milk tea crazy horse leather strap

As for the third one, a Mercury dark blue watch, whose deep blue conveys a tranquil and understated grace, if paired with exquisite blue straps, would make you look distinguished. A Mercury dark blue watch does a great job showcasing your professional side.

Recommended watch: Mercury dark blue solar-powered-exquisite dark blue crazy horse leather strap

Now, we came to a Hera minimalist wine red watch, a glamorous red timepiece, which elevates each movement of you. Its strap, made from genuine leather, is soft and fine as your tenderness, which radiates enchantment every moment.

Recommended watch: Hera wine red-red genuine leather strap

Fifth, an Aurora solar-powered black watch, equipped with dainty pointers and markers, fits all purposes. Demonstrating a sophisticated and specific style, this Aurora black solar-powered watch goes brilliantly with any outfit. As an element of daily outfits, not many watches suit various styles as this watch does. 

Recommended watch: Aurora black solar-powered-black mesh band

When it comes to weekends, a casual, relaxing style will fit in outfits for a trip. An Apollo skin pink will suit this mission. Under the sunshine, the Apollo skin pink sparkles dazzlingly anytime, turning you into the protagonist of the trip.

Recommended watch: Apollo skin pink-light brown crazy horse leather straps

The other watch suitable for trip outfits would be an Aurora solar-powered watch. While you go outdoors, it’s the best time to wear a solar-powered one when you immerse yourself in the sunshine. Also, the solar-powered watch will recharge at the same time. Above all, its deep green, combined with feather pointers, emanates an imitable grace, which guarantees this watch a must-have item for photographing.

Recommended watch: Aurora bluish green solar-powered- black mesh band


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