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【Recommended Watches】Here have Listed Featured Bestsellers Suggested by Influencers!

All watches listed in this article are influencers' recommendations. If you have trouble making decisions, these classic, multifunctional, and rare watches will save you. Don't miss them!


Diana octagon collection

An unmissable watch all distinctive girls would own, jumping out of the frame, give you a brand-new choice for the most outstanding you. Its shape of octagon seems neat but extraordinary. As you see it, a dial in rose gold paired with mesh bands embellishes outfits in almond tones. (Link)

Also, unique items combine each other, like a Diana watch and a toggle chain, which correspond to themselves, and shape a style of your own. (Link)
Hera classic collection

A Hera classic, keeping your skin tone fairer with rose gold, going with all styles, elevates your grace. (Link)

The classic of the Hera collection lies in its minimalist design, only remaining essentials, allowing its wearers to portray an exclusive style with their features, still seeming soft and elegant.


Apollo chronograph collection

Who says that Apollos only suits men? Wearing a quality watch in bluish green paired with black mesh bands, in a top in dark tones, even girls shows a clear-cut style, thanks to Apollos' handy functions, a 24-hour indicator, a date indicator, a day indicator. (Link)

If paired with a leather bracelet, a black layered one, which owns thick texture, an Apollo watch overlaps layered on your outfits. (Link)

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