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【Guide】5 Tips of Pairing Outfits Help You Wear Coats in Style.

The weather finally turned cold. It’s time to wear your coat. Coats could be unmissable trendy items in autumn and winter. Still, it’s vital about how to pick one that flats your figure. Thus, the following three ways to pair your coats would give you a “golden ratio” in any style.



If you prefer a unique style, you won’t want to miss this way to pair your outfit. Take an overcoat as the protagonist, you can put the hood out of your overcoat. As for bottoms, you may choose sweatpants or culottes, and a pair of clear-cut sneakers. These elements would elevate your sense of trend. Also, this outfit goes well as daily outfits. We also suggested you select a thicker overcoat to keep yourself looking energetic and tidy.


#Oversize coats

If you seek a top to flat your figure, you can select oversized coats, which have been trending in recent years. No matter how many clothes you wear inside the coat, you won’t look chubby or else. Moreover, this way overlaps layers on your outfit. For petite girls, they rock oversize coats, too, after wearing a pair of Chelsea boots or ankle boots. So, the oversize coat won’t make them look shorter.


#Teddy bear coats

These years, teddy bear coats have gone prevailing, soft and warm, hit item for autumn and winter. When wearing it, you feel like wrapped in a warming quilt. Whichever style you prefer, minimalist, retro, or glamorous, you could pair a teddy bear coat with these styles, and create your exclusive warming outfits in autumn and winter. Besides, to fit colors of your outfits, when selecting watches, I would recommend unmissable items for autumn and winter.


#Apollo white-milk tea crazy horse leather straps

The color tones for autumn and winter, such as milk tea, suit coats in camel or almond. Besides, crazy horse leather on your wrists emphasizes the atmosphere of winter. (Link)


#Mercury white-exquisite white crazy horse leather straps

A Mercury white solar-powered dial, paired with exquisite white crazy horse leather straps, its rare grains increase the level of this pair of straps. Beige, refreshing color, dazzle everyone once on your wrist. (link)


#Venus mother-of-pearl

A Venus mother-of-pearl watch, equipped with a dial having grains of shell, shines with varied gloss among your moves. In addition to rose gold mesh bands, the whole watch jumped to another level. (link)

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