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【Guide】3 Tops Born for Winter Outfits: Sweaters, Puffed Jackets, and Teddy Coats.

Since chilly winter is arriving at our land, as weather forecasts show us cold air masses would come one by one. To fight against cold weather, how could we stay warm and fashionable simultaneously? I have selected three kinds of coat must-wear for winter. If you don’t want to look like the Michelin Man, once getting the tip of “Loose tops, fitted bottoms.”, you solve most problems.


#Knitted top

Knitted tops are always on the list of winter wear. From knit sweaters to cable sweaters, even knit jackets and knit skirts, you inevitably see the element of knitting play an indispensable role in winter wear since it keeps you comfy and warm. Pairing knits with a suit jacket or a denim one, you won’t look overweight once you bear the principle in mind: “Loose tops, fitted bottoms.”


#Puffed jackets

In a casual and outdoor style, puff jackets become another mainstream wear. Types of puff jackets also increase gradually. Recently, there are also some puffed jackets blended with rare materials, such as plastic bottle fiber, or you might notice other crop puffed jackets apply an idea of contrast to outfits to fuse a sense of leisure with them. 


#Teddy coats

Teddy coats have gone viral in recent years, soft and warm, when you wear one, you feel like going out without leaving your quilt. Whichever style you prefer, minimalist, retro or glamorous, you would find exclusive winter wear with teddy coats.

Also, for you, who focus on pairing suitable outfits, your watches need to match your winter outfits.


#Mercury solar-powered crazy horse leather watches

Sedate and low-key, a pair of dark brown straps, whether paired with knits or teddy coats, strengthens with a feeling of warmth. That’s how a Mercury solar-powered watch does. This watch with a matte black dial enhances the fascination of the whole outfit.

#Hebe square leather watches

Watches with orange brown straps sell like hotcakes in autumn and winter always. For those who prefer minor styles, Hebe’s square dials wave their hand to you. A dial in the same matte black, paired with a pair of orange brown straps, keeps your style more outstanding.


#Apollo unisex leather watches

Apart from dark dials, a white dial paired with blue pointers creates a contrasting match, to invigorate your whole outfit. Moreover, a chronograph owns a 24-hour indicator, a day indicator, and a date indicator, not only satisfying your demand on outfits but carrying handy functions. 

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