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【Recommended】For New Year, You must Have a New Watch. Let's See What Influencers' Recommendation are!

We have sorted out trending watches recommended by influencers. Let’s see which one seize your attention tightly!


#Hera eggshell white-rose gold mesh band

If you ask us which elegant watch we will recommend, we would say the Hera collection paired with rose gold mesh bands. Rose gold mesh bands usually make the wearer’s skin tone look fairer. Also, thanks to minimalist dials of the Hera collection, whichever clothes you wear, they would match anyway. (link)

Even you don’t make a pose to highlight the watch, everyone would think of that as one from a boutique. (link)


#Apollo white chronograph-white leather

An Apollo white chronograph, whose pure white dial matches straps, conveys an ethereal feeling and suits most skin tones because of its pure white. (link)

As for earth tone outfit lovers, we would suggest they put this watch on the priority of their must-own list. The luster of the Apollo white chronograph glitter more radiantly after the wearer put it on. No one would say no to such a splendid watch. (link)


#Hera bluish green-gray leather

A classic Hera bluish green dial, at a petite size, paired with light-gray leather straps, such an avant-garde combination, increases the wearer’s taste. (link

The gray leather straps of the Hera bluish green, thanks to its cozy color and skin-friendly texture, won’t cause any burden even you wear it all day. (link)

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