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【Watch Recommendation】As Spring is Silently Coming, It is Time to Switch Your Watches.

After the new year, the spring is coming silently. As all flowers are blooming, it’s time to update your accessories. Spring outfits would be more colorful than ones in other seasons. Thus, your watches would need to follow the style of spring outfits. Let us take a look at our spring watch recommendations.


#Apollo blue gray leather

The first watch is an Apollo white chronograph, coupled with blue gray straps. If you team the Apollo white chronograph with a white top or colorful outfits, your style would correspond to spring fabulously. This watch is a must for entrancing girls. (shop here)


#Hera gray leather

As for minimalist and daily watches, the classic Hera collection goes with any outfit, especially paired with a pair of low-saturation straps, such as gray ones. On your hand, the Hera gray leather watch highlights your elegance and makes you look comfy. (shop here)


#Gaia white leather

Pure white usually transmits a neat and pristine feeling. When it comes to pairing your outfits with the Gaia white leather watch, you can pair this watch with whichever outfit you like. Besides, the embossed pattern on the Gaia’s dial makes this watch stands out from the rest. (shop here)


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