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【Watch Recommended】Daintier, Chicer! 6 Hot Petite Watches on Social Media Also Suit Girls Whose Arms are Slimmer.

Daintier, more meticulous! If you are keen on petite watches, you may find some watches that catch your eyes. This post has included six 36-mm watches. Round, square, leather, or mesh, these six watches are worthy of being put on your must-list.


Recommendation No.1

Hera white-brown leather

The first popular is classic the Hera eggshell white watch, coupled with brown pair straps, which becomes a neat and all-purpose watch in daily life. Its friendly price makes it a great bargain. Besides, 36 mm is a proper size that emanates timeless enchantment. This watch would fit beginners as their first watch. (link)


Recommendation No.2

Apollo black-black mesh

With a watch that goes with all styles, you can make every daily outfit a classic. This black 36-mm watch, not stealing outfits’ thunder, match whichever clothes. Black would be the best recommendation for those who prefer not to spend much time pairing outfits and accessories. (link)


Recommendation No.3

Hera white-gray leather

Here comes the bestseller of the year! A captivating gray watch, radiating with a mild aura. Its size highlights the harmony and fascination of gray. Due to the unisex color, you will find this watch team with your outfits in all seasons, which is a must for you. (link)


Recommendation No.4

Hebe square dark blue-rose mesh

A dark blue square watch of the Hebe collection makes your heart skip a beat because of its sophistication. If you tend to create your own style, this square watch should perfectly elevate stylish and sophisticated you. (link)


Recommendation No.5

Diana rose gold-rose mesh 

As for this Diana octagonal watch in rose gold, it swept the rank of our watches before. In the elaborate shape of an octagon to cover the round dial, the Diana octagonal watch conveys a tenable but steady grace, has a sense of perseverance, and keeps women’s glamour concurrently. For those who need to prepare a gift for his girlfriend, we highly recommended you this one. (link)


Recommendation No.6

Apollo dark blue-black mesh

Apollo dark blue petite watch in a subtle blue gives you a fashionable look. When you take pictures with it outdoors, though it’s a petite watch, this Apollo dark blue-black mesh watch still glows. We genuinely recommended it to you. (link)

Whichever kind of watch you select, as long as you pick the one that you prefer, the one must suit you the best.

There are also more watches on our official website, welcome to take them home.

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