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【Recommended Gifts】34 Love Gifts Unlock an Ritual of Indulging Mommy!

Since May has arrived, what have you prepared for your mommy this year? In 2022, THEODORA’S launched 34 gifts in the name of love. We would focus on four key watch sets in the following paragraphs.


First watch set: Wonder Woman watch sets #hot

White paired rose gold, a versatile pairing with Wonder Woman’s W emblem, is selling like hotcakes now. If you hesitate about which color to choose, this watch set would be a decent solution.

A watch and a bracelet shine with a fearless and bright spirit. You may give this pairing your most important person, to appreciate her existence like a Wonder Woman, always with you. (link)


Second watch set: Wonder Woman bluish green watch sets

Once sold out before, the Wonder Woman bluish green watch sets finally became available by Mother’s Day!

The mesmerizing bluish green watch sets have both versions for men and women. Paired with leather bracelets from the same collection, this combination will reveal your heroic characteristic like Wonder Woman does. Also, these watches recharge themselves with sunlight. So, they save your time on replacing batteries. Such a sustainable watch is worthy of being the best gift this season. (women/men)


Third watch set: Hera wine red watch sets #Bestseller

The new hottest combination is a Hera wine red watch and an infinity bracelet, whose glowing color turns giving gifts into celebration. Containing a unique symbol, this infinity bracelet on your wrist seems that you put on infinity love. Then, you have its company and full of happiness.

The Hera gift set costs less than RM530 and suits whoever has a limited budget. On the other hand, you can use the spare budget to dine with your mommy. That is a win-win situation. (link)


Fourth watch set: Bestie accessory sets #withmom

For the first-released bestie accessory sets, we select two kinds of popular bracelets that reach 10 colors. At a competitive price less than RM360, this bestie accessory set should be on the budget-friendly gift list.

If wearing the same bracelets with your mommy, your hearts will synchronize. Highlighting each other’s grace with various colors, even not by her side, you feel the love surrounding you as long as you put the bracelet on.


During the Mother’s Day promotion, you get a gift with minimum spend of RM950. Furthermore, all love gifts come with exquisite cards.

(Hurry while stocks last)

On this festive day, let’s speak your love out loud!

Thank you, mom.

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