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【Unboxing】Be Your Own Wonder Woman: Sharing My Opinion of Theodora’s Solar-Powered Watch & Black Gold Clutch Bag.

Hello guys, you can call me Murmur. When it comes to comics, compared to Marvel’s bright, positive mythology, DC’s story touches my heart more deeply, as DC distinctively carves each character’s personalities. Their reality emerging from melancholy absorbs me, rather than positive plots do. Day by day, we suffer because of humanity. Still, it stimulates us to strive. Everything roots in human minds.

Among all DC’s characters, I favor Wonder Woman’s story. I never miss each movie of her. I liked Wonder Women’s experiences on the Earth. She felt love, being powerless, and risking courage. These also made a mirror of our daily life. Maybe, we can’t save the Earth, our society, or human being. Regardless, we fight for our own life as a warrior day to day. All is to strive for something, put effort into what we care about, and go all out. May the spirit be with us.

Thus, when I received gift boxes printed with “DC”, I couldn’t suppress the excitement erupting in my heart, feeling a bit nervous with accelerating heartbeats. Thanks to Theodora’s, we all have a chance to wear such a delicate timepiece.

Here is an intro for readers who are still unfamiliar with Theodora’s. Theodora’s is a watch brand in Taiwan, dedicated to designing and developing watches and accessories. Theodora’s has been founded in 2017. Next, they stepped into Southern-East Asia in 2019 through e-commerce. In 2022, they founded the first physical store in Taiwan. When it comes to the name, it originated from Greek-Θεοδώρα, which symbolized a gift from the Heaven. They named it after this word because they hoped all customers would achieve a gift exclusive to themselves.

Back to the gift, while I opened the package, it revealed a meticulous-selected gift. Everyone would love gifts, but what makes gifts matter is the giver’s heart. The sincerity let all sublime to a precious love.

Then, I opened the inner box, a sophisticated watch appeared in my sight. 

Each detail absorbed my sight, through the flowing of light and shadow, its craftsmanship told me everything.

On the case back, the Wonder Woman’s emblem lay there. Upon putting on the watch, it seemed I felt courage flowing into my body. Even if I am a passenger departing in the dark night, I will arrive at my destination before dawn.

The watch crown on the side was also engraved with a delicate emblem. Wearers who focus on details will fall into this watch in a second.

Pure black and metal corresponded. That was the reason that I was keen on this watch when browsing the official website. Though I have had other black watches, my brain told me to choose other colors that I haven’t had. But my heart told me that I am into black anyway.

What surprised me was this watch was neither thick nor heavy. Its watch size was large, though. When I weighed it on my palm, I found its weight would fit women. Whether as a day-to-day timepiece or a formal one, this watch will polish your elegance. The watch radiated aggression and chicness. With each movement, this watch will correspond to your sophistication.

I loved myself so much when I looked so captivating with this watch. Compared to feminine, graceful myself, I prefer me being powerful. That is the confidence and love for myself. I love what l look like when I love myself.

This chic clutch bag includes several sections and card slots, and even stores a smartphone or lipstick. It is more useful than my imagination. I know this clutch is not big, though.

If my wallet and watch become a match, I would love this clear-cut feeling, which displays an understated but extraordinary style. Also, Wonder Woman’s emblem symbolizes her spirit and belief and shines with a warm, persevered glow.

Watch is the closest accessory to us. I hope that everyone will be the light for themselves and take responsibility for each choice. Do what you ought to do; Go where you ought to go. When I put on my watch and carry my clutch, I know that I am on the way to being myself.

In the end, I hope everyone would like my unboxing of the Wonder Women watch and clutch.

Thank you for reading.

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