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【Recommendations】Best 3 Pairs of Large/Dainty Watches Highly Suit Whoever Has a Limited Budget.

Today, do you prefer 40mm or 36mm? This article collected three most absorbing pairs of watches in large and dainty styles. The three pairs are timeless as day-to-day accessories. It’s a good bargain due to their friendly prices, less than RM340 on average. They are also cut out for couple watches. A slight difference in sizes reveals a sense of reliance between a couple. 


Recommendation No.1

Hera eggshell white-orange brown leather strap

This Hera eggshell white-orange brown leather strap is classic of the classic because you hardly get tired of it, also as a decent choice for the first watch. On any occasions, with any outfits, you will find its sparkling points.

Sophisticated and casual, this pair, as a prior option, suits students, office workers, men, or women. (link)


Recommendation No.2

Hera black-orange brown leather strap

Left is 40mm; right is 36mm. Switching into black, the previous pair of watches turns into an intriguing and cool style. Such an easy-going but bewitching match would suit unique and outgoing you.

The large one seems more unique. However, the dainty one features the charm of lightness. This pair keep your eyes glued to them. A bit noble, shining with their features, these watches have their own style. Also, we highly recommended them.

Mysterious is the reason why they mesmerize people. (link)


Recommendation No.3

Hera eggshell white-gray leather strap

It’s not wise to underestimate the attraction of gray. Selling like hotcakes round by round, in a unisex color, this pair of gray watches wins everyone’s attention. Not too dark in summer, soothing in autumn and winter, such a cozy color is a star on the official website! You won’t want to miss it.

Clear-cut color tones go seamlessly everywhere.


Among three pairs of watches, which do you prefer?
Welcome to visit the official website, and find your destined timepieces to create your attraction on your wrist.

*Watches mentioned have free returns within 15 days and a 1-year warranty
*Packed in exclusive packages.

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