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Two Gifts Friendly to Whoever is New to Watches Let Your Better Half See You in a New Light. ❤️

If rings are considered to be the symbol of staying together forever, then couple watches is a decent gift in the mid phase of love. Not only do they not make the other feel so stressed, but they indicate the giver’s chic taste. Or if your gift is always on the rank of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts, couple watches might save you from the mud.

Nevertheless, in the sea of couple watches, how to select watch brands is another issue. For whoever is new to watches, THEODORA’S should be a friendly choice, or even unlock a new world of watches for you.

Same as people, gifts have first impressions. Your priority is to make the recipient “Wow” unconsciously when she receives your gift. First, it is a must to put more effort into packing. Exquisite packing would also showcase your genuineness.

To this point, the packages of THEODORA’S remain so exquisite that the giver would proud to send them out. From a paper bag, a dust bag to a box, the packaging looks exactly thoughtful and sturdy. Black boxes decorated with chic golden ribbons, understated but glorious, make the progress of unboxing ceremonious. After all, who can resist a surprise unfolded layer by layer?

Let’s look at this gift. It is a pair of Mercury solar powered watches from the Chinese Valentine’s Day collection. I selected solar-powered watches this time, since it is more convenient for the user and tells that she exists as your sun to recharge you.

Speaking of recharging, the watches recharge themselves under any light, even dim desk lamps. You don’t need to change batteries periodically. What’s more, watches from the Mercury collection can keep working for 4 months in the darkness if fully charged.

In the box, there were warranty cards, alternate straps, tools for adjusting metal straps, silver polishing cloths, manuals, etc. Above all, this gift set offer two kinds of straps to you as alternates. Thus, this gift set would satisfy most demands. No matter which kind of straps, leather or metal, the recipient likes, this set will save you. The wearer also matches and switches straps to fit outfits and occasions. One watch; two styles.

Both are chronographs, the upper subdial is a 24-hour clock, the left is a minute clock, and the lower is a second stopwatch with battery indicators. That is, you handle how much electricity is left. A window on the right side is a date window. If you look carefully, you will notice its petite pointers are in the shape of feathers. What a nice touch! It’s suitable to share the detail with your better half, to prove its exquisiteness. ❤️

I tried on leather straps first. Its comfort and scratch resistance took a big bonus in my mind. 

When it came to mesh bands, I just fell in love with them. 

With a fascinating look, the mesh bands were made of 304 stainless steel. Besides, you can adjust the length yourself rather than go to a watch shop. They fit any arms.

Let me whisper another thing to you. In the process of putting on watches, you would help the other to adjust the straps. Doesn’t it sound so romantic? You interact with each other more frequently, right? If I haven’t experienced these myself, I don’t have a chance to share such details with you.

Its crystal was made of mineral crystal, so clear that the light transmitted through the crystal effortlessly. Its luster also mesmerized me under the sunlight. Speaking of its merits, mineral crystal is more resistant to scratches and corrosion than acrylic. Moreover, this watch is water-resistant; therefore, you don’t need to take it off when washing your hands.

Searching couple watches on Google, browsing back and forth, my sight would still fall on THEODORA’S eventually. As a girl who has a habit to wear accessories, I treat things contact my skin cautiously, on both quality and design. As for friends who are interested in couple watches, welcome to visit the website of Theodora’s. (link)

Here was another hit for you, the Wonder Woman collection, launched by THEODORA’S and WBCP.

It was the exclusive packaging of the DC collection.

The gift set included a Wonder Woman braided bracelet.

This bluish green would suit either boys or girls. The point was its luster looked chic. The bluish green emanates not only a sense of mystery but sophistication.

Both its pointers and dial are luminous, which symbolizes that Wonder Woman reveals her aura even at night, all for justice. 

Where I noticed its fine details is they have engraved Wonder Woman’s W emblem at any place on this watch. Once I received this watch, I got surprised whenever I found one. Either for friends or yourself, this gift would satisfy the recipient.

Then, this watch’s basic functions are the same as the ones of the Mercury watches. This also has three subdials. However, the way these subdials arrange is horizontal rather than Mercury’s vertical arrangement. Also, there are three kinds of straps available to choose two from them, which are black mesh bands, black quilted straps, orange brown quilted straps, and brown crazy horse straps.

All quilted straps were made of genuine leather and scratch-resistant. Still, I loved the brown crazy horse straps most. They wrapped the mystery of the bluish green with the sturdy figure, demonstrating a gentle but mighty vibe. To earth tone addicts’ outfit, it is a bonus. For the Wonder Woman watch set, the link is here. (click!)

On this Chinese Valentine’s Day, whether you will own a pair of couple watches with your soulmate, give the other a watch, or give one to yourself, THEODORA’S would fulfill your demands perfectly.

I hope that every couple becomes what they long for. And, those who walk alone find a lamp of light in the dark night. If you want to see more gift sets for Chinese Valentine’s Day, welcome to click the links below.

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