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Unstoppable Fairness: 9 Watches That Whoever Would Love-You are Invincible if Owning One!

Do you want to buy a watch but get trapped in making choices? 

No worries, we have sorted nine 42mm chronographs. Each has features, not specified for males or females. Let’s keep going!


First watch

Have you seen a watch in pure white? This pure white chronograph seemed to be nonmainstream; nevertheless, its sophisticated inner beauty will keep your elegance outshining anyone’s. Even walking in a library, you would be the center of attention silently.


Recommended watch: Apollo white-white leather


Second watch

A bluish green dial paired with black mesh bands is worth collecting, which is recognized by diehard fans! This watch also became trending on social media. If you haven’t owned this watch, please rush to add one to your cart first.

Recommended watch: Apollo bluish green-black mesh band


Third watch

Welcome, black addicts! Noble black gold highlights your taste the best. In the dark with a beam of luster, this watch will make others in love with you if you put on a black coat.

Recommended watch: Apollo black-black mesh band


Fourth watch

Apollo white-gray leather comes in clear colors and refreshing style, due to its simple and understated style, going brilliantly with any outfits and not stealing the wearer’s thunder, as a cozy existence.

Recommended watch: Apollo white-gray leather


Fifth watch

Light up you every day!

A pair of golden bands paired with a bluish green dial is classic, too, because of its radiant luster, beguiling unstoppably. Once putting it on, you will feel like carrying the sunshine. As soon as you reach out your hand, this watch sparkles for you.

Recommended watch: Apollo bluish green-rose gold mesh band


Sixth watch

Girls, how about having a watch coming with a filter itself? Dressing in an Apollo skin pink watch and a thin bracelet, in a lovely season, you are ready to aim at his heart romantically.

Recommended watch: Apollo skin pink-rose gold mesh band


Seventh watch

Do you want to be luckier and more mesmerizing?

If so, an Apollo wine red would be a decent choice. Such a passionate style, in addition to a 42mm dial design, expresses confidence and charisma. Moreover, adding a bracelet that you prefer would polish details of your taste. 

Recommended watch: Apollo wine red-red leather

Recommended bracelet: Stainless steel rhinestone cuff


Eighth watch 

Today, let’s have some special of THEODORA’s: Apollo purple blue watch, in an unexpected color, display a stylish attitude. Do you want to stand out from others? This one will make your dream come true.

Recommended watch: Apollo purple blue-black mesh band

Recommended bracelet: Dual color braided bracelet


Ninth watch

A black plaid coat coupled with a black watch creates a harmonious black outfit, such a clean and neat style, which you always love. Understated, quality, and natural in black, you are always the most versatile soul.

Recommended watch: Apollo matte black-black mesh band

Recommended bracelet: Black magnetic clasp braided bracelet

Above all, the watches mentioned have free returns, a 1-year warranty, and free battery replacement service if you purchased them on the website of THEODORA’s.