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A Romantic Vibe Surrounds You! Exclusive Red bags & New Morandi Sets Debuted. 

This Christmas, we couldn’t celebrate it without gifts. 🎁 

Theodora’s has released 31 Christmas sets, which come with exclusive red gift bags, at the beginning of December to make their heartfelt debut.

Also, we have selected the top 3 of gifts for those who have little time to pick one to purchase without worries.


The first gift

#New arrivals 

Morandi collection-watch & accessory sets (4 colors)

Breathtaking Morandi sets have been launched! Cozy coral pink and a golden bracelet, whether for your friends or beloved, would transfer a sense of happiness to them when they unbox your gifts.

As a solar-powered watch that recharges itself, it features a chic appearance and versatile functions. If coupled with the accessory in the set, the accessories will add a nice touch to the whole. The sets of the Morandi collection come in 4 colors, suitable for couples, too. 

You will feel that the love is tightened, by giving one to either you or her.
The second gift
Wonder Woman solar-powered bluish green watch sets

This top hit got crowned as the best pick of couple watches. The glowing W emblem at 12 o’clock displays its fairness of confidence and courage. 

This time, Theodora’s offered especially each spec for women and men. Thus, one couple gets one for each other to celebrate the company of you two this year.


Leave for the Christmas section


The third gift

#Minimalistic star

Zeus small second white watch set

A neat, timeless watch would be highly recommended for whoever chooses gifts for the first time.

A golden cuff tells everyone how exquisite your outfit could be. Besides, the complimentary strap varies styles of your outfit. Such a decent bargain is available only during the Christmas sale.

Due to its timeless style, wearing this watch from winter to summer will never get outdated. What’s more, the quick-release straps let you have a new watch anytime. Don’t worry if you have a chance to put it on again.


2022 Limited-edition offers for Xmas

This Christmas, Theodora’s exclusively customizes high-end burgundy gift bags. Once you buy a Christmas set, you get a limited-edition burgundy gift bag. Therefore, you can send a gorgeous gift and convey a sense of ritual and festival simultaneously.


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