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Pantone’s Color of 2023-Viva Magenta Has Come Out! We Also Share 6 Relevant Items with You.

Pantone finally announced the color of 2023!

That is Viva Magenta 18-1750, as a passionate and energetic color, to infuse a flow of energy into everyone’s disease-plagued life. Also, through this color, Pantone hoped to invigorate the masses, get ready to face a new life, and start off 2023.

In this article, we selected six items in Viva Magenta, including watches, accessories, and bi-folds. No matter who you want to give them to, we believe that you could find an ideal gift among our recommendations and bring some luck for yourself and others in the coming year.


【1st recommendation】

The first item is a solar-powered luminous watch, whose straps feature scratch-resistant patterns, and takes its gorgeous design as a highlight. Once you wear this in the new year, this watch would bring your fortune and confidence.

New year gift: Solar-powered luminous watch


【2nd recommendation】

Another is a well-preferred neat watch at 36mm. In glossy red, dainty and exquisite, these characters emphasize its grace. If you put it on, your each action would be focused. In addition, red and gold are the best picks for enhancing luck and bringing fortune. 

New year gift: Hera classic wine red-rose mesh


【3rd recommendation】

Next, we come to a stunning bi-fold for whoever prefers a practical item. It boasts 10 sections, light to carry. Made of first-layer calfskin, soft and cozy, these bi-folds could be a gift for anyone even yourself. The energetic red will bring you luck and wealth in a row.

New year gift: RFID-blocking ultra-slim bi-fold


【4th recommendation】

The fourth one, a clutch bag in red and gold, combines the characteristics of purses and long wallets, and extends to 4 ways to carry. Carrying this clutch bag during the new year holidays, you outshine everyone. Above all, it features a RFID-blocking function so that you don’t need to worry about your possessions when traveling.

New year gift: RFID-blocking clutch bag


【5th recommendation】

Here comes a red leather-braided bracelet now. Thanks to its magnetic clasp, it is easy to wear on your own. The tail chain also displays a sense of detail. When reuniting with your family, you could adorn yourself with some red accessories. That would bring you luck as well.

New year gift: Oread rose gold clasp leather bracelet


【6th recommendation】

The last is a braided infinity bracelet, whose symbol means everything-infinite love, luck, and blessings. In the new year, it’s a good time to make a wish and let the braided infinity bracelet ring in the new year with you.

New year gift: Oread braided infinity bracelet


For more gifts, welcome to visit the official website.
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