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Let Me Secretly Tell You. All a Goddess wants are Here! Every Gift Set for Shiny Queen’s Day is up to 18% off Discounts!

Collections for Shiny Queen’s Day all come in pink and pale tones. Each watch from them exudes grace and refinement, better showcasing female charisma. This extra deluxe and grace-polishing gift set is for the goddess in your heart.

This watch owns a high reputation, thanks to wise and independent Wonder Woman in movies. With a W emblem bracelet lying on your wrist, once you wear the watch, you could feel a flow of strength filling you when you do anything.

This is a must for a chic goddess, right? A classic white embossed dial, sheer white genuine leather straps, and a bracelet from the protector collection in the same name of Gaia composed this elegant gift set that boosts your grace.

This rose gold combination really shines with momentum but remains gentle. Then, you will see small dials on this watch, including a 24-hour clock, day indicator, and date window. These three functions help you to arrange your time efficiently. Speaking of the bracelet in this set, it is also in the name of Apollo. Such a best match of color tones and the name. This gift set should not fail you. 

If you own this watch, you would be an artistic and retro goddess. Orange brown straps exude a retro ambience. Plus a rare mother-of-pearl dial, this watch reflects a variety of light from various angles. Also, the tiny three dials with golden lining look really cute! Wearing this watch makes others feel that you are fashionable and sophisticated.

Now, during the Shiny Queen Day sale, all products are up to 18% off!
Each watch conveys ever-changing styles, so that you might find the best pick for your goddess.  

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