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Turn On Spring Mode! In Must-Own Refreshing Colors for This Season, 6 Watches Lead You into Spring’s Field.

The deity of spring is coming. Let’s get a new watch to gain a good mood! 

Every time in March, it is about time to say goodbye to winter and get ready to welcome the arrival of spring and summer. Still, the watch on your wrist should be on “spring mode”, too! Among countless accessories this year, which ones are worth collecting? No worries, we are going to introduce three colors refreshing as a mild breeze wanders under a clear sky. Everyone would rock them. Let’s keep going!


#Soothing best pick for anybody

First recommendation: Bluestone

“Tranquil ambience and understated grace”

Boasting the solar-powered function, the Mercury and Aurora solar-powered watch collection comes in bluestone, which is upscale light blue, being the first ones to blow the horn of spring and bring the masses elegantly step into a fascinating field. 

Since the Aurora collection is thinner and slimmer than other collections, its wearer would achieve a more comfortable wear experience. From its color to materials, the Aurora collection gets “light.” It feels like a cozy breeze walks to you when you raise your hand. The Aurora collection would be the first pick for spring and summer.

Recommended watch: Mercury solar-powered bluestone chronograph

Recommended watch: Aurora solar-powered bluestone watch


#Unique charm with an airy vibe

Second recommendation: Laurel green

Once noticing green, most would know that spring is coming. Laurel green as a forest looks cozy and refreshing in its rare style. Even complicated as the dials of the Mercury collection, laurel green could make its silhouette gentler and less sharp. The Mercury collection now features a sense of comfort that every accepts. 

This light gray green has been a rising star in recent years. If you have tried it before, you would know that green goes well with many things, as this color looks natural, uncommon, and a bit noble. Such a vivid, cozy green unexpectedly attracts more people. Either thick coats in autumn and winter or light clothes in spring and summer would be a good match with this laurel green watch.

We sincerely recommended this laurel green watch to you whether you have tried green accessories.

Recommended watch: Mercury solar-powered laurel green chronograph

Recommended watch: Aurora solar-powered laurel green watch


Third recommendation: Champagne beige

Or if you prefer brighter colors, it’s a decent choice to select this balmy yellow watch from the Mercury collection. A low-key and warm champagne tone is a good match with earth tones or white. Such a brisk color will heal you spiritually from your wrist to your heart.

Soft champagne beige is the most timeless and fundamental color. Let’s welcome the sun in spring and summer and have an encounter with the champagne beige. Let the sparkling sun warm your heart.

Recommended watch: Mercury solar-powered champagne beige chronograph

Recommended watch: Aurora solar-powered champagne beige watch

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