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【Batman Mechanical Watches】Made a Deluxe Upgrade! The Brand New Barock Strap Versions are Available, Coming With Limited-Edition Saffiano Leather Straps.

Theodora’s recently released “Batman mechanical watches X deluxe Barock straps” on the official website. The grid-woven structure of straps blended the image of super sports cars. The Barock straps require complicated craftsmanship to craft. Additionally, the Barock straps also polish this watch with a luxurious and deluxe ambience visually.

From now on, buy a Batman mechanical watch; get Saffiano leather strap*1(until out of stock, no restocked)

Compared to watches with a quartz movement, mechanical watches are of high collecting value. As long as you maintain one well, it could work almost your whole life. Therefore, whether you prepare one as a gift for either your friend or yourself, the Batman mechanical watch is an option worth considering. 


Batman black X Barock straps 

The deluxe black version is the classic watch that fans might not miss. Among features, its red watch hand looks like the racing pointer on a dashboard. If paired with Barock straps, the whole watch resembles Batman and his sports car, dashing on your wrist every second.

Batman mechanical watches operate with mechanical power, needless to switch batteries, so that their structure makes your wearing experience convenient.

Its 42mm size would fit male’s wrists properly, and work for unisex females, too.


Batman dark blue X Barock straps

The profound dark blue render itself uncommon from others to turn this watch into an intriguing one. Whoever doesn’t prefer the red watch hand version could consider this version, in the low-key dark blue that demonstrates a gentle and professional sense. 

Batman rose gold X Barock straps

The rose gold version was designed for girls, washing away the image that mechanical watches are too masculine. Its elegant and beguiling style proves that girls also deserve a fashionable item that makes them like a boss effortlessly.

The three versions are dedicated to those who devote themselves to their daily lives. As a new milestone, they are worth a deluxe reward.

Selecting a watch not only displays your professional test but also symbolizes that you pay high attention to your time. Start from now, welcome to follow the operation of these mechanical watches, and enjoy the polishing of time, to break through wind, dash, and move toward a better life.