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Tw x Spain Married Couple’s Recommendation: Exclusive to Exotic Relationship|The Aeon-Fate Couple Watch Sets Feature GMT Pointers.

I still remember that when I just was in a relationship with my husband, the first gift I gave him was a watch. The reason I chose the watch was that I hoped to give him a thing that he could wear anytime and remind him of me. 

And now, seven years have passed. The watch remains in decent condition, except its straps, which need to be replaced with another pair. 

Thus, a great gift will last with us for long.

Then, my husband and I selected an Aeon-fate couple watch set as our 7th anniversary gift.

We, once receiving the set, were amazed by its quality instantly. Theodora’s is a Taiwanese brand, whose name originated from ancient Greek, which means the gift from heaven. Apart from watches, Theodora’s also develops and designs accessories. 

Actually, we were attracted by other collections at first. Unexpectedly, the Aeon-fate couple GMT watch set took away our hearts. We thought that it felt like being born for couples in an exotic relationship like us. Next, we are going to explain why we chose this couple watch set.

Upon we recalled the time when we started a relationship, we separated only once. Each time before we made a phone call, we needed to see the clock and calculate the time difference. 

However, the Aeon-fate collection features a GMT pointer, a function that can mark the times of two time zones. No matter why you need it, either living in two places or going on a business trip, it will satisfy your needs.

I would say this function is designed for people in an exotic relationship. This GMT watch can set the time for the second time zone. Thanks to it, even lovers who live in two far places know each other’s time, just as they stay together every now and then. Also, I set the second time zones on our watches as Spain’s time zone, to reminisce about the time we still lived in two faraway places.

Another feature we are keen on is the Aeon-fate collection offers diverse choices. That assures me that I probably don’t wear the same pair of watches as other couples. 
Additionally, if you put the big-small match aside, there is also a big-big match. What makes me love their couple watches is that each style of these couple watches displays slight differences by details. The Aeon-fate collection is the one that you could pair your ideal combination elaborately, depending on what kind of dials you prefer. Speaking of what kind of straps to pair, in such various combinations, you will find the destined combination.

After experiencing a serious comparison and a dilemma of choosing, we selected a big-small watch set. Mine was the small watch with rose gold bracelet straps; my husband’s was the big one with black bracelet straps. Both were bluish green dials. They dazzled us when we met. Especially their smoky ombre design would turn the bluish green into different shades and colors from varied angles.

Sometimes, when I glanced at it, my watch didn’t always remain bluish green. However, it seemed understated but glamorous, polishing my grace, too. The rose gold bracelets, as the items for women’s watch, shines inexplicably, whose ambience is not overly delicate. It is a mildly unisex style that appeals to me. On the other hand, my husband’s watch is more of a sharp timepiece, bluish green with matte black bracelet straps. His watch captures my soul with fascination to perfection. Moreover, his is the big one, which conveys a sense of couple especially when we put our watches together. By the way, it has been a long while since we had a sense of ritual. Wearing couple watches suddenly brought back the feeling of youth and love to us.

In addition to their stunning appearances, the Aeon-fate couple watch set owns several merits. For example, its crystal adopts sapphire crystals, whose stiffness is second to diamonds, thus having high resistance to scratches and wear. This feature matters a lot to watches.

The ring outside is a ceramic bezel, features better water resistance than metal does, scratch-resistant as well. The bezel only rotates counterclockwise as a timer. The watch case was made of 304 stainless steel, with a matte brushed finish on the side. The engraved logo also left a lasting impression on me. Still, stainless steel doesn’t fade easily. The patterns on the case back unobtrusively fused the spirit of Theodora’s with this watch. The case back owns a special screw-in structure to ensure it locks more tightly.

Its pointer has a design that carries a poetic meaning, the fusion of the initial of Theodora’s and the Mobius strap, which stands for endless love.

Not only do they look fantastic, but these watches are equipped with a UV-luminous function that helps you see the time clearly even in the dark.

Such quality couple watches are worth wearing for a long time, similar to our love, staying with us lastingly. As the gift for our 7th anniversary, this watch set is second to no one. 

In this couple watch set, the watches came with scratch-resistant leather straps for replacement. The leather straps are in Saffiano grain, as well as the grain that I prefer. 
The key is still stunning scratch resistance and wear resistance, which assures me that I can wear it for long. It is not hard to replace straps, so I switch to different styles swiftly. You can even adjust the length of these bracelet straps, without the need of going to a watch shop.

All couple watches of the Aeon-fate collection adopt Swiss movements, working precisely while extending their own lifespans, suitable as a gift in honor of love. 

Not to mention their 10ATM water resistance, whether you go swimming or scuba diving, these watches can go underwater with you. Like our love, they are definitely sturdy enough to survive examinations.

Having written my thoughts so far, I even feel so touched by myself, since love is not a simple choice. Looking back on the road my husband and I have taken, we experienced quite a few ups and downs. I appreciate my better half never gives up and he has a heart to maintain our love. I really love the 7th anniversary gift that I chose for us. It’s a blessing to pick such meaningful mementos that represent our love store. 

Wearing the Aeon-fate couple watches, we believe that we will keep going. 

I just hope to share the best with you. With this article, I pray that everyone will believe in love and stay joyful!

From:  Zoeylinslife