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Entry-level price! The most loved wallet for young women is here! Get the laurel green without regrets, classic and durable black, and 13 colors to collect. Perfect for gifts or self-rewards.

Theodora "Genuine Leather Ultra-Thin Bi-Fold Wallet" offers an affordable price with high-quality genuine leather that feels soft and warm to the touch. Available in 13 captivating colors, each one is irresistible. If you want to find out which color is the most popular, don't miss this article. Let's explore the charm of this wallet series together!


Brand Genuine Leather Ultra-Thin RFID Anti-Theft Bi-Fold Zipper Wallet - Laurel Green

The fresh and elegant natural charm of laurel green is simply delightful, as if the vibrant green has been brought into the wallet. It has become the most popular color recently, ranked as No. 1.

The rare color in the market makes you stand out in the crowd, with its gentle texture that everyone loves. Owning a laurel green wallet feels like having a good mood all day long.

The perfect size for a woman's hand, it's lightweight and effortless to hold.

Whether you prefer a bold or sweet style, the delicate Laurel Green wallet complements your look, showcasing your unique beauty.


Brand Genuine Leather Ultra-Thin RFID Blocking Bifold Zipper Wallet - Black

Black is the epitome of classic elegance. No matter how fashion trends evolve, black remains the go-to choice for its versatility and durability.

Whether for formal or casual occasions, a black wallet can effortlessly complement any outfit.

It includes 6 card slots, 2 interior compartments, 1 bill section, and 1 coin pocket, offering practicality while exuding a sense of understated luxury.

Small bags can also be easily put in, taking up no space at all, perfect!


Brand genuine leather ultra-thin RFID anti-theft folding zipper short wallet - gray-blue

The light gray-blue short wallet is fresh and elegant, with a bright modern touch, giving a comfortable and minimalist feeling.

Elegant light gray-blue not only enhances fashion taste but also showcases a fresh temperament.

Especially suitable for girls who love simplicity and natural style, this short wallet is perfect for both daily life and leisure outings.


Brand genuine leather ultra-thin RFID anti-theft folding zipper short wallet - Blue Stone Blue

The Blue Stone Blue, a shade between blue and gray, exudes a subtle and elegant beauty.

The subtle and elegant Morderni gray-blue hue is truly captivating at first sight!

The perfectly balanced color saturation, whether for work or a date, can showcase your warm and unique taste.

The soft and elegant colors will give you a good temperament every day.


Brand genuine leather ultra-thin RFID anti-theft folding zipper short wallet - Coral Pink

If you like sweet and soft tones, then the coral pink short wallet is definitely your best choice.

The perfectly balanced pink color, filled with a romantic atmosphere, just the right color saturation that makes it irresistible to look at again and again.

The coral pink short wallet adds a touch of liveliness to you, brightening up your everyday life with little moments of joy.

With a high aesthetic value and practicality, this wallet is a dreamy and elegant accessory that is definitely worth adding to your list.


Brand genuine leather ultra-thin RFID anti-theft folding zipper short wallet - Gray

The gray short wallet exudes delicate beauty, understated and reserved, neither flashy nor lacking in taste.

The delicate and elegant style is especially suitable for those who love minimalist style.

Intellectual gray brings a sense of calm and sophistication.

The short wallet itself has RFID anti-theft function, which can prevent malicious individuals from stealing your information, making it safer to go out shopping.


Brand genuine leather ultra-thin RFID anti-theft folding zipper short wallet - Deep Brown

The chocolate-like color, reminiscent of the warm autumn sun, gives a sense of solidity and comfort.

The unique warm texture gives off a mature and steady vibe.

Especially suitable for warm and reserved individuals like you; holding a deep brown short wallet gives off a more reliable feeling.

The smooth texture of genuine leather, paired with exquisite gift box packaging, makes it perfect for both gifting and personal use.


Brand Genuine Leather Ultra-Thin RFID Blocking Bifold Zipper Wallet - Dark Blue

The dark blue wallet exudes a mysterious and noble aura, showcasing intellectual beauty without losing a sense of fashion.

If you prefer dark-colored wallets but have already used black, consider choosing dark blue.

The subdued yet vibrant blue will give you confidence and composure in any setting.

This color, both stable and reserved, brings a special sense of security.

Whether in business settings or daily life, it will highlight your intellectual style and understated charm.


This wallet series is available in 13 colors, each representing a different mood and style. Whether it's the refreshing laurel green, the classic black, the profound azure blue, or the sweet coral pink, there is a color to meet your every need.


Visit Theodora's official website to choose your wallet and let it become a healing accessory in your life!


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