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Unboxing THEODORA'S Watches - THEODORA’S Watch Review

Do you wanna find a watch which is different from others?

Because there are so many people wearing the same brand, I want to choose something different and special.

Today, I am going to share this watch brand, Theodora’s.

The reason I decided to buy this one is that its good reviews.

If you’re interested in this, you can also google it.



When I google it, it is not much to find the review.

So now I’m going to write an article for this good product.

After picking the brand, you have to choose the type and color of the watch.

All types of watches in Theodora’s are the names of gods such as Gaia, Hera and Venus etc.


And the meaning of the Theodora’s is the gift from the god.

At first, I couldn’t make the decision on the strap and the watchface.

I even posted on the Facebook to ask for some advice.

Most people liked this simple one not the chronograph one.

But in the end, I bought both of them lol.


I agree that the wrap, paper box and the paper bag are all great.

The sound of the watch is also quiet.

If you hear clearly, of course, you can still hear the tick-tock of the watch.


And when I wear the watch, it is okay to wash the hand.

The water resistance is up to 3 ATM.

Just look at the pictures I took.

The detail of the watch is delicate and beautiful.

It is pretty suitable for giving others as a gift.

The black chronograph watch looks good on men and women.

The chronograph of Theodora’s is really useful.

They are for 24-hour, weekday and date. 

You can also get a small tool for adjusting the strap.


Just check the tutorial on the official website for changing the straps.

I also plan to buy the genuine leather strap in order to create all kinds of styles.


Remember to log in the warranty system when you receive the product within 7 days. It offers a one-year warranty. 

When you log in the warranty on the website, you also own the right of free battery replacement.

Now, I think the watch is inexpensive and good-looking. So probably I will buy another one to update the new information.

If you want to send others gift, they will also offer different limited gift sets like Mother’s Day gift set etc.


Credit:  寰兒的執著日記  / Original Source / Facebook Page



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Special thanks to  寰兒的執著日記

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