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Anti-Fraud Statement


Thank you for your support of Theodora’s.


There are some individuals using our name and/or logo to impersonate our staff recently. The trust of Theodora’s customers is very important to us. Please know that we, Theodora’s, reserve the rights to take legal action against any person or companies involved in the frauds. Now we have already appointed a lawyer, Mr.Chiu, from the law firm, Classic and Superior, to deal with the frauds. (http://cnslaw.tw


Theodora’s has a zero tolerance toward frauds and will fully investigate any frauds or scams. Any individuals or companies do not have right to use our information and properties without authorization from us. Once we discover any fraud or suspected fraud affecting Theodora’s, they all will be reported intolerantly.


Please be aware of all kinds of frauds below.


◆First, scammers will pretend to be from the government, a credit card central, a bank or the shop, and will ask you to transfer money from the bank, check the credit or offer financial statement, etc.


The order of Theodora’s won’t mistakenly set up the installment plan or change the payment term. If you receive any customer satisfaction survey, charge failure notification, the accounting error, the change of the payment method, the convenience store pickup error or a distributor registration, please do not believe them and give them any your account information to operate the ATM. 


We won’t ask you to offer your credit card or bank account information and the customer service phone number of the bank over the phone.


Beware that those scammers will impersonate the bank to get your information.


In addition, Theodora’s is an online store without any distributor or agent. Please know that we will not call the customers during the holidays and after 6:00pm(GMT+8) on workdays.


◆Second, please do not buy anything from the fake website.


the screenshot of the fake website

the screenshot of the fake facebook page

We reiterate that Theodora’s do not appoint any distributor or agent. All the products are listed on www.theodorawatches.com and www.theodora.tw. Please be aware of the website you’re using is accurate.


Every product bought from unofficially website may be fraud or counterfeit merchandise. If you buy products from other website, you will not be able to find your order and information. You will absolutely not receive any text notifications. Please be careful. Do not become a victim of the fraud because of a lower price.


We only recognize the products you buy from our official website. We offer a one-year limited warranty. You will get your order with a warranty code number which can log in to our website.