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Try to discover the ideal watch strap with the passing of time

A Milanese watch with an elegant gold mesh strap

A crazy horse leather watch with an oiled natural strap

A genuine leather watch with a soft simple genuine leather


Some things may gradually change over the time such as seasons, fashion or the connection with others.

But we can make it different.

Find a thing to let others memorize and impress.


Thus, picking a watch as a gift to represent your feeling is important.

Someone may just walk into your life unexpectedly.

If you need to find a precious gift for your one and only, come to find one in Theodora’s.

We will always be there for you.

Functional Information of 2 Dial Watch Face

How to Adjust The Milanese Loop

How to Adjust The Italy Watchstrap

How to Change Your Watchstrap (The Milanese and the genuine leather ones)

How to Adjust The Sliding Buckle

How to Change Your Watchstrap (The crazy horse leather ones)


Watch Daily Maintenance Instruction

How to Flatten Your Watchstrap

How to Adjust Your Cuff