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The Special Project: The Fate Gather Love. Ft. Well-Known Youtubers-KT Story.

*Notice: The names have been transliterated.

The YouTube Channel-KT Story, run by a Korean host Bon-Ar and a Taiwanese hostess Ji-Ar, has achieved 200 thousand followers so far, which often shares the cultural differences between Taiwan and Korea and some comments on some current issues. They now settle down somewhere in Taiwan’s countryside. That’s also the reason that they call themselves “the Korean-Taiwan couple who live in the countryside” humorously. Finally, their love story stepped into a new chapter of love-marriage. Such a story that overcomes the gaps between languages and cultures really moves the audience.


Today, we invited this couple to participate in this interview. Also, we have prepared a Q&A section for them. Now, let’s explore more about this adorable couple who love each other even if they need to cross the sea.


《Q&A about encounter|Question Time🎤》

Q1: How did you meet? What was the first impression of each other?
👩Ji-Ar: I worked in the makeup industry at that time, so I had to find Korean models to shoot the commercial. 

🧑Bon-Ar: I worked in the department related to advertising & marketing. Due to my assignments, we met each other and got closer from then on.

●Your impression of each other?
👩Ji-Ar: I was amazed by how someone could speak so mesmerizingly. 😳

🧑Bon-Ar: When I encountered her for the first time, she spoke Korean exactly well that I didn’t notice that she was a foreigner. Thus, I thought that she was Korean until she told me she was Taiwanese. 

Q2: When you decided to settle down in Taiwan, did both sides of the two parents agree? If not, how did you convince your parents?

🧑Bon-Ar: Actually, when I mentioned that I planned to move to Taiwan first, my parents didn’t agree at all. Back Then, I just graduated from my university and owned a stable job. They were hard to understand why I would give up my stable life and move to an unfamiliar country.

To eliminate their doubts, I offered a comprehensive plan rather than say “I want to go.” or “I can go.” At that time, I happened to sign a contract with a Korean publisher to establish a book. In this way, I assured my parents that I could survive in another country. Thanks to this solid evidence, my parents started to soften their attitudes then. 

👩Ji-Ar: For my side, my parents didn’t argue over that much, since it was Bon-Ar who moved to another country. My parents had been worried about communication before. However, Bon-Ar and my parents communicated with basic words. That works well.

Q3: Did something funny happen because of the jet lag in your relationship?
🧑Bon-Ar: There is a 1-hour difference between Taiwan and Korea. You might think that’s not a huge gap. Nevertheless, it is. For example, sometimes I would chat with Ji-Ar until 1 or 2 am in Taiwan. But because of the time difference, it was already 3 or 4 am in Korea. I got to wake up about at 6 am. I was sleep-deprived often. That impression left a lasting imprint in my mind. 

Q4: The cultural differences that impressed you most in your relationship?

👩Ji-Ar: The most obvious one should be the food culture. Most would agree that the Koreans are known for their spicy food. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of spicy food. Opposed to me, Bon-Ar is a big fan of spicy food, especially super spicy one. Therefore, if I need to cook food, I will cook two servings: One is spicy; the other is not.

Also, Bon-Ar must eat breakfast. But I seldom eat in the morning, or eat a bit. 

Q5: Have you thought about the form of your wedding ceremony? Will you hold the ceremonies in Taiwan and Korea?  

👩Ji-Ar: So far, we just have registered as a married couple, not having planned to hold a wedding ceremony yet. Of course, the seniors would ask us and say it's not good to skip the wedding ceremony if we were a married couple. Right here, exotic marriage becomes an advantage. As my better half came from another country, we had an excuse to break the traditional frame. Thus, the wedding ceremony is not necessary for us now. 

🧑Bon-Ar: Still, we had a special short story. We incidentally came across a Korean tourist who visited Taiwan. The tourist happened to know how to shoot pictures. Given that, we asked the tourist a favor to shoot a set of pre-wedding photos. The work was unexpectedly splendid, while the ambience felt so heartwarming and romantic.

▲The pre-wedding photos shot by the cordial tourist. 

Q6: After having a baby, will you keep the baby in Taiwan, or plan to go back to Korea? 

👩Ji-Ar: As for this issue, we temporarily decided to stay in Taiwan, because we run our channel in Taiwan and also have a shop in Taiwan. Considering the recent situation, we don’t plan to leave for Korea. The ideal situation could be that we go back and forth often. For our baby, we still hope that the baby grows up in the cultures of both countries.

Q7: What do you want to say to each other 10 years later?

👩Ji-Ar: What I want to say to the 10-year-later you is “Thank you for being my life mentor.”

🧑Bon-Ar: Since we live in a mountain, there is no barber shop or beauty salon. Ji-Ar has become my hair stylist. So, I would say “After 10 years, it will be great if I still get my hair cut by Ji-Ar.” 

(Interviewer: That should be a so-called plain but precious romantic story.) 

This time, we also secretly prepared some intriguing questions for them to draw and ask. Let’s see their real responses!

《 Ji-Ar’s asking part🎤》

Q1: What’s the difference between Taiwanese girls and Korean girls?
🧑Bon-Ar: Taiwanese girls demonstrate leadership. 

👩Ji-Ar: What about Korean girls?

🧑Bon-Ar: I am afraid that my words would cause a controversy. (Everyone: LOL) 

But I still remembered that when I got COVID-19, all I could do was lie in bed. Our house was under renovation back then. All was completed by Ji-Ar herself. I felt so surprised at the commitment of Taiwanese girls. Even my parents were astounded by Ji-Ar’s girl power.

👩Ji-Ar: I thought I could do the easy parts on my own. 

(Interviewer: Renovating the house really showed Ji-Ar’s girl power to the max.)

Q2: Please say three advantages about me in 10 secs.

🧑Bon-Ar: First is good at driving. Next is paying close attention to my health. Last is……beauty.

👩Ji-Ar: Finished?

🧑Bon-Ar: (This question) I also have answered in our video before, that’s why spoke them smoothly. 

👩Ji-Ar: Beauty is the key anyway. Ha-ha-ha.

(Bon-Ar: Actually I didn’t come up with the last one……(whispering))

Q3: Please say three disadvantages about me in 10 secs.
🧑Bon-Ar: Umm, disadvantages……about this question, I have no answer even if you give me three days.

👩Ji-Ar: Hahaha, what? say it again.

🧑Bon-Ar: No disadvantage. (insistent)

👩Ji-Ar: Wooooooooooooooooo.


Q4: Where is the place of our first date?

🧑Bon-Ar: In Namsan Mountain, Seoul. 

👩Ji-Ar: Oh, that’s right! (Ding Dong⭕)

🧑Bon-Ar: Survived (?

(Interviewer: Bon-Ar that spoke Chinese is intriguing, really nailing it.)

Q5: Please say the pet phrase that I use most.

🧑Bon-Ar: She usually says “Give me a second.”

👩Ji-Ar: He seems right. Hahahaha.

🧑Bon-Ar: Probably 100 times every day.

(Interviewer: Although Bon-Ar said so, but his face overflew with indulgence.)

《Bon-Ar’s asking part🎤》

Q1: Please say three kinds of my favorite food in 10 secs.

👩Ji-Ar: In 10 secs? Wait, wait, wait! Meat roll, instant noodles, and pork belly.

🧑Bon-Ar: You’re right! But the exact answers actually are: Shin Ramyun, hell ramen, and potato ramen.

👩Ji-Ar: All are instant noodles.

🧑Bon-Ar: Instant noodles every day!

Q2: What was my dream career when I was a kid?

👩Ji-Ar: Oh……umm……

🧑Bon-Ar: She seems crushed.

👩Ji-Ar: Ha ha ha, I actually have heard his dream before, and he said that his dream was me.

🧑Bon-Ar: This is correct because I had no dream when I was a kid. 

(Interviewer: Ohmo! The quote sounds like the love lines that will appear in a Korean drama!)

Q3. Which three things do I take when I go out?

👩Ji-Ar: Oh, a camera bag, camera, and smartphone.

🧑Bon-Ar: Not correct.

👩Ji-Ar: Or what else?

🧑Bon-Ar: Sunscreen! I never go out without a sunscreen. The second is lip balm. The third one is right.

(Interviewer: Bon-Ar is quite an exquisite Korean oppa!)

Q4: Who was the one that started this relationship first?

👩Ji-Ar: For this part, it seemed that no one started this relationship on purpose.

🧑Bon-Ar: It just happened. 

👩Ji-Ar: Everything went naturally just as we held each other’s hand. Nevertheless, I fell in love with Bon-Ar at first sight. 

👩Ji-Ar: How about you?

🧑Bon-Ar: Me too! Not to mention!

(Interviewer: As the interview was conducted to this part, my eyes were literally almost blinded by their love. Bon-Ar really knew the tips for surviving.)

Q5: Which gift do you have the deepest impression or love the most?

👩Ji-Ar: It happened to be the couple watches of this collection: the Aeon-fate couple watch collection. The reason that this gift appealed to me was the meaning of this collection, which stands for eternal fate. This meaning touched me deeply.

🧑Bon-Ar: Especially about their function, they can display the times of two time zones. Thus for couples in a long-distance relationship like us, this function is handy.

🧑Bon-Ar: Besides, the straps of this couple watch set come in two styles: metal and leather. What’s more, their water resistance dazzled us. When we filmed YouTube videos, the environments varied significantly. 

Sometimes, we needed to film in the water or in the rain. But this couple watch set features 10ATM water resistance, as a relief to us when we wore them. 

👩Ji-Ar: This couple watch set comes in other colors as well, so it would fulfill demands of most people. The key is that this couple watch set adopts Swiss movements. As a result, the lifespan of this couple watch set will stay long-lasting. So will our love. ❤️

The interview ended here. Have you become a fan of this couple after seeing this cute couple? 

We felt that this couple definitely had rooted affection and unwavering determination, since they conquered manifold difficulties, such as distance, time, and culture. They chose to jump out of their comfort zones, even though that means to leave their country. Then, they didn’t fear the examination brought by life, started up a business, ran a YouTube channel, etc. All was to live with each other.

After hearing the story of KTstory, we believed that two-way love was a precious treasure. This engaging experience would encourage more couples who are in a long-distance relationship or have a cross-cultural relationship. Everyone must believe that love will connect lovers together one day.

Just like what the Aeon-fate collection tells us, the owners of KTstory is the best wearer of this couple watch set.

Last, we received good news from them after filming this interview. Ji-Ar gave birth to their baby peacefully. Let’s dedicate our sincere hopes to this couple who eventually achieved a good result.

Special project|The Fate Gather Love

The Aeon-fate GMT luminous dive watches