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The Flower Blossoms in Despair—Chloris Flower of Life

Every name is a blessing.
Every life is a new story.

This article is going to introduce the story about naming Chloris Series of Theodora’s.

Goddess Of Flowers | Fly Along with Wind


In the world of despair, there’s always a gift from god.


Chloris Collection is named after Goddess of flowers; the dial is branded with the ancient totem of flower of life.

It gives it a whole new interpretation. We invite the illustrator Duga&Hook to create a beautiful picture book including 5 stories.

The flower of life picture book is in our annual program-- the flower of life gift set.

There are five colors of watch in Chloris collection, black, white, red, blue and pink.

Other than the flower of life totem, the dial has also simple hidden numeral design.

Besides, the lug of the watch is different from before, it’s fruitier.

It looks more elegant and chic, just like an unique and delicate flower.

This watch is suitable for both men and women, men could choose blue and black watches to wear;

for women, besides the watches, the bracelet and necklace of flower of life is very matching with the watch.

There are 5 meanings of the bracelet and necklace, Strength, Healing, Hope, Awake and Life.

(Strength is for men, and rest of them is for women)

Each of the meaning represents our choice when we facing the obstacles.

Every meaning is the present from Heaven. 

Chloris is the name of goddess of flower, matching with flower of life vitalizing totem.

We endow this watch with a deeper meaning—

No matter how dramatic your life is, after going through desperation and tasting the bitter sweet moments,

then a brilliant and beautiful flower would blossom.

After reborn, look back the past, that’s all passing-by scenery.

There is a hidden gift in every situation and circumstance waiting for you to find out.

Therefore, wherever you are right now, just put on this collection of flower of life watch, 

evoking the most beautiful moment of life.

Keep faith, the brilliant flower of yours will blossom one day.

Chloris |Flower of Life

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