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The watches from Theodora’s are suitable for men and women.

Just pick the collection you like and choose your strap color.

And you can have couple watches!



If you don’t know how to make the choice, you can see this article.

This article will help you pick the perfect collection for your love.

Stylish and practical.

You must love it.

Hera | Classic 

If you like the minimalist style, you can choose this collection.

You’ll understand the beautiful moments in the normal daily life.

Bring you luck and spice up your life with this simple timepiece.

Add a little difference in your life.

Find your lovely things and be happy.

Apollo | Chronograph

The combination is for the couple who loves to show PDA.

When you wear these watches, you will catch others’ eyes in the crowd.

The irresistible glamour is just like the love between you guys.

Find the difference in those watches.

Skin pink and dark blue are the perfect combination.

Casual but chic!

Hang out together with your other half and enjoy the beauty of life.


You guys can the couple goal.

You can work and have fun together.

You treat each other like lover and friend.

Why not wear the same collection watches to remember the joyous moments?

Hold each other’s hands to do everything.



Gaia | Embossed Dial

You guys always take care of each other.

You can notice each other’s mood easily.

When he or she is upset or sad, you will try your best to comfort your lover.

You guys must be the best ideal couple.

Some couples are like the match of pink and black.

One is so sweet and the other is so gentle.

Your story is just like the fairy tale.

You guys will help each other no matter what.

Venus |Mother Of Pearl Dial

Pastel green and orange brown are just like your guys’ personality.

Young and a little bit naughty.

Glad to see each other’s smile.

Share the happiness together.

Tethys | Water Ripples Dial

Red and blue are the symbolic color of your relationship.

You guys always think of and embrace each other like the love of goddess, Tethys.


With endless love, support each other!


Chloris | Flower of Life

Flower of life means the love and hope of life.

My world is different and beautiful because of you.

You guys go through lots of things and help each other.

Now, wear the watches and show your lovely love.

Create wonderful life! 

Athena | Buckler Dial

Love to discover the unknown.

Then you will love to wear this collection.

No matter where you go, you will always be her or his side.

To celebrate the memories of your love, wear the Athena collection couple watches.


Red and blue are the perfect matching color.

You guys know that each other is the best partner to explore the world.

Start the journey together with the pretty couple watches!