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After I got lots of good comments of the article of Hainan Island, I decided to write a new one for Bangkok.

When I went to Thailand, it was the time of the Songkran Festival.

I want to share all the outfits during the vacation and the different experience with you.

Most of the outfits are not dresses or skirts. I totally prepared 10 clothes for the vacation.


The reason I changed a lot is because that the weather in Thailand is really humid and hot!

And I met lots of sudden rain so I had to change my clothes.


I wanted to try something girly or lady. I wore the cupcake skirt which is quite popular this summer and spring. The material of the skirt is lace. When you touch it, it is pretty soft.



Look Slimmer Tip: 

1. When you wear the cupcake skirt, you should notice the proportion of the waist.

2. The lace skirt can be a good bottom for your outfit. It can help you look better. In my opinion, the skirt with three layers is nicer than the one with four layers.

3. Mix and match outfit creates your own style. Add a small item or bring a leather bag to look stylish and unique.

4. The soft color watch shows a wise and beautiful feeling.


Today, I wanted to wear something formal but stylish. I picked a white draping shirt dress.

I planned to go to a shop for afternoon tea. With the gem hairband, it looks a little bit luxurious but not too much.

Look Slimmer Tip: 

  1. The irregular crop dress can show your personality. Make you special in the crowd.
  2. Add some accessories to be confident, pretty and elegant like this gem hairband.
    The hairband goes with all kinds of clothes. You can wear it in four seasons.
  3. And the shoes are nice-looking and comfy. This is made of the genuine leather. It helps your legs appear thinner and longer.  


When we left the hotel, it suddenly rained. So we all got wet. And I changed into another outfit. The white jumpsuit was also popular this year. The cotton linen jumpsuit is also stiff and good-looking. You definitely look better on this.


Look Slimmer Tip:

  1. The band of the jumpsuit won’t make your shoulder look wide or too strong.
  2. The length of the outfit can show your ankle. It looks slimmer and better.
  3. The special cut and material is clean and chic.
  4. Before I go to the destination, I google it and know the setting of the coffee shop. So I choose the simple and clean color to match the occasion.



The sun was coming out! Today, we went to the big palace the whole day.

I believed that everyone knew there were some rules of the clothes when you went to the big palace. So I just wore the t-shirt and jeans.

But I still had a small cute design on the sleeve and the neckline of the top.


Look Slimmer Tip: 

  1. The design of the neckline can make your neck look slim and long.
  2. If your hands are not very thin, you can wear this kind of top to help you look fabulous.
  3. Easy and clean jeans are a causal style. Of course, you can also choose to wear wide-leg pants instead.
  4. The bag with the embroidery letter designed in Bangkok can be a handbag or a shoulder bag.
  5. Match your outfit with the unisex watch! Fashionable and chill!


When I went back to Taiwan, my luggage was overweight. So I chose to wear jeans in order to reduce the weight.


The one is the cotton v-neck sleeveless top. It is super great!

If you got a small bust, you can try this one!


Look Slimmer Tip: 

  1. The flounced top is suitable for the girl like me! If you also do not have large breast, you can try this outfit! You can look thinner and prettier.
  1. I bought my top and bottom together. But you can choose to wear them separately.
  1. Choose the right jeans then you will look awesome. If you worry about the thick legs, you can wear the loose pants. The high-waisted pants will be good!
  2. When you pick the loose bottom, remember to wear the shoes with heels to look slimmer.
  1. The weather in tropical countries is super hot! You can choose a stylish straw hat to make your face look smaller. And the straw hat won’t make you uncomfortable or stuffy.
  2. Match your outfit with this 3-sub dial watch. The wonderful design can be your best item for outfit. The strap of the watch is interchangeable. Change the strap in order to fit the different occasions. Wear what you want and be the most beautiful one!