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Walk into The River of Time to Know Your Strap from Your Heart

There’s a paragraph in the strap changing page of Theodora’s:



Passing the river of time, to seek your ideal strap.

Different straps have different styles,

Milanese strap has a metal touch.

Crazy horse leather strap is spontaneous and natural.

The genuine leather strap is simple and soft.

As the time goes by, something’s changing little by little.

Such as seasons, fashion trend, the connections of people.

That’s why choosing a strap which can represent your mind is so important.


Somethings will fade away as the time goes by,

But Theodora’s will always be here for you.

When you’re in need, we’ll always be by your side.

Waiting you to walk into this river of time.。

Together, become the most beautiful scenery of the time.


That’s Theodora’s definition of straps.

Except the function of shoring up the watch, the strap is also the best companion of the dial and its owner.

Just like a river flows quietly, waiting for someone to arrive and something to happen,

not too ostentatious or aggressive, and use its tender and firm strength wait quietly beside you.

When you need it, it’ll always be there.

When you need quietism, it’ll accompany you tenderly.

When you want to hang out, it’ll show its beauty passionately, leave a smile on the picture for you.

Every strap represents different mood, different materials fit different seasons,

different colors also reveal different personalities.

We hope that strap is the best item for every customer to show freely their current moods.

Makes it not only just a strap, but also your best friend.

You don’t need a lot of watches, but through changing strap, you can have more matches.

It’s like you have many watches, gives you a fresh sentiment every day.

Just like this, your moods become a materialized beauty wraps around your wrist.

The time has a new interpretation, the strap is no longer just a strap.

It walks into your daily life, decorates the beautiful moments of your life, and becomes the haven of your watch.

You could say changing a strap is like changing a new soul.

Every strap is a different river;

accompanying you to see different scenery of your life.

Straps is like your moods, changing anytime.

It’s impossible to maintain the same every day, it’s also impossible to be fresh all the time.

There’s always something would happen to you, interrupt your life, brings you surprise or depression.

No matter what happened, just accept it peacefully.

Because that’s the process every river should go through to become prolific.

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Just pick a strap fitting this moment, it’s the most important trifle of this season.