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The difference of the women is not only about beauty but also the charisma. The shining moment is when you wave your hands with our Theodora’s watches.

A couple of years ago, weiwei went to Venice. I remembered that was a sunny and warm day. Without hesitation, I started a journey with my friends. I just brought a simple backpack and came to this city of water, Venice. When I just stepped out the train station, I was stunned and attracted by the beautiful scene.


There was a sixty something old lady in 10 cm high heel with a purse. She also wore a beige lace dress with her natural curly white hair. On her wrist, she wore a classic simple watch under the sunshine. In that moment, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.


Are all women pretty in your memory? Appearance doesn’t mean everything.

We don’t owe anyone “pretty.” We only need to be ourselves and let our individual talents shine. Everyone defines the beauty in different ways. Moreover, we all have rights to find the best way to make ourselves look good.


Sometimes, you can read a book or talk with some wise cultured people. They’ll help us broaden our horizons. Or you can pick a lovely item to have it with you. In that way, you can impress others and make you look pretty.


Theodora’s means the gift from the god. You make yourself look amazing with this chic and elegant timepiece. Every detail matters. Theodora’s watches of good quality are minimalist style. Simple and classic, they choose the uncomplicated design to fit every occasion. There are four collections of watches in different colors and styles. You can pick the one you want to make it special.

Hera, Apollo, Gaia, Venus, four types of different watches.

The shiny dial shines in different angles and light. Simple and delicate design makes you look good and fashionable. The eggshell white dial in rose gold case is gorgeous and irresistible. You can elevate your everyday outfit, mood and spirit.

This timepiece can be casual or formal. You can wear it with different accessories to change the style. This is the most perfect one in weiwei’s mind.
The design of 3-sub dials chronograph is pretty useful and stylish. It is one of the businessmen’s best choices.

Delicate and simple embossed pattern dial makes you different. Those patterns are just like the real flowers in spring. They are the perfect choice for those who are smart and pretty.

The design of mother of pearl dial is pretty unique. They all have different natural patterns of the shell. The pastel green color is suitable for you to wear in spring. Tiffany green represents the happiness of life. The minimalist style is easy and gorgeous.

Which type of the girl are you? Elegant and delicate? Classic and fashionable?

You all deserve the best treatment, no matter what.
Treat yourself well.
Just wear the watches of Theodora’s to memorize every beautiful moment.

Apollo |Chronograph