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It’s been a long time since I last shared the watch article.

I remembered that I shared an article of my watch collection.

 Time is money.

So for me, I think watches are pretty important.

It is not only a tool but also a fashion item.


The things you wear present your taste and personality.


This time, I am so happy that I have a chance to cooperate with Theodora’s.

Their watches are inexpensive but delicate.

The detail of the design is really good.

I highly recommend you to buy it.

Photography Location / Cafe De Gear 
Photographer / 機器娃娃丁小雨

The story of the brand


In 5th century, there was a talented girl called Theodora born in an ordinary family. She married Emperor Justinian I and became the empress of the Byzantine Empire. Empress Theodora not only gave her husband support but also helped all the women protect their rights. In Nika revolt, she also gave a moving speech about the significance of the life of someone who died as a ruler. She persuaded Emperor Justinian and his forces to fight the rebels. Theodora said, “The Royal Purple is the Noblest Shroud.” Her spiritual advice saved the throne and let her leave her mark in history.


Theodora, an empress of Eastern Roman Empire, is also the angel of Emperor Justinian’s life. She is the one and only present to Emperor Justinian from God. She is his motivation for overcoming the difficulties.


Theodora comes from Greek word “Θεο+δώρα” [ijiːa], literally meaning “a gift from the god.”


Theodora is a brave, independent and decisive woman. She resolutely pursues her goals and supports others’ dreams at the same time. Besides, she is beautiful, intelligent and amusing. As a result, our brand name origin story is from here. We hope that everyone who comes to Theodora’s will find out their own beauty and glamour just like the Empress Theodora. They can also appreciate other people’s talent.


Every person is actually unique and irreplaceable when they were born. As time goes on, people experience a lot of things and become mature. Those experiences make what they are. Every single person is a one of a kind gift created by God. You can also find another precious gift like Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora. Come to find an exclusive and precious gift for yourself in Theodora’s.



Besides, it also means that everyone can seize the moment.

Let Theodora be your time defender.


Now, it has some collections I want to share with you including Hera Collection, Apollo Collection, Gaia Collection, Venus Collection and Tethys Collection.


The name of the collections is related to the Greek gods.

I pick some types of watches I haven’t worn before.

Come on!

Let’s unbox the product.

Don’t you think that the watch just belongs to me?

Even my friend says it looks great on me.

The watch exactly hits my heart when I first saw it.

Big watch dial with simple and clear design makes it perfect.

Wine red color matches the red genuine leather strap.

It brings you the tone on tone style.

The quality is quite good.

And the watch glass is mineral crystal.

Big size of the watch dial and strap is handsome and generous.


And the water resistant is up to 3 ATM (Rain resistant).

In daily life, it is pretty okay.


I can’t help but take lots of photos.

This day, I wore in minimalist style.

A vest, a suit jacket and a pair of black wide-leg pants.


Because I didn’t wear too many colors, I chose this watch to complete the outfit.

It made my OOTD.





I have already got lots of black, brown or rose gold watches.

Recently, I also bought a white electric watch.


So, I decide to buy something different.

I make up my mind to pick this passionate red watch.

When I receive the product, I am so surprised and excited.

I really love this one! Oh my god!



To be honest, I think it is suitable for lots of occasions.

You can make the timepiece become your highlight of the outfit.

When you wear something simple, you should choose this watch to look eye-catching.



And I am a fan of the larger watch face.

It will make your wrist look thinner.

Does anyone have the same idea?


The photos of the website are beautiful.

You must see it right now.

It also has different colors in this collection.


You can also choose the one with brown or pink color.

But I like the red strap one.

It is quite shiny and charming.


You guys must love it!

Believe me! 

Just see the glitter and shiny watch face and the elegant watch design!

With the brand’s name, Theodora’s, it really hits my heart.

Even the photographer likes it!



Moreover, the straps of their watches are interchangeable.

You can also buy another strap.

Then you can change the original strap into the new one.

The price is not expensive at all.
Make you feel own a new watch again lol.



Although lots of people think red watch is hard to match, it is actually a watch which goes with all kinds of clothes.


Sometimes, try something new and different.

You will find the wonderful and lovely things.

I am so in love with the photos.

Can you feel my love for this watch lol? 


All in all, the Hera Collection is great for those girls like me.

You want to be special and different sometimes.

Be outstanding in the crowd.


Add a gift set!


There are only 500 limited Mother’s Day gift sets.


Offer valid while the stocks last!

Theodora’s | Mother’s Day Gift Sets- Apollo Chronograph Neutral White Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch

The gift set is pretty good for yourself or others.

This is a good value product.



You can get an extra strap and a gold bracelet.

It is super worth buying this gift set.

The watch dial is white.

And it also has the skin pink watch dial.

They are both beautiful.

The Hera collection is elegant and graceful.

And the Apollo collection is classic and chic.


It is hard to say no to those chronograph watches.

They are the perfect choice for you.



This is also nice as a Mother’s Day gift.

You can also pick other types to give your other half.


When you wear the watch and bracelet together, even the gold ring, you look absolutely brilliant and amazing.

Here is the look of the bracelet.

Isn’t it so elegant and exquisite?

It is much better that you wear the watch and bracelet together.

Or it will be too simple or boring when you only wear the watch.


Add the bracelet to be special!



You don’t need the complicated or exaggerated item for outfit.

Simple and clean accessories are the best choice!


And the glamour of the rose gold watch is irresistible.

Actually, I have already gotten some rose gold watches.

I still want to buy a new one.

You can match all kinds of clothes.

The color combination looks great as well.

The detail of the design is beautiful and good.

How beautiful it is!

Do you agree with me?

The watch is not just a tool of checking time but also a fashion item of your taste.

This picture is so pretty!

Love it!

Many people think cellphones have replaced the watches now.

But in my opinion, I get used to wearing the watch to check the time!

If I forget to wear the watch, I will panic.

I don’t know why I will be like that lol.

I often forget to bring my bracelets.

But I think the watch has become the essential item for me.

I will always bring my watch.

Do you have the same thoughts with me?

Cellphones or watches?


Just get the watches! 

The Milanese strap elevates your spirit and mood.

The genuine leather and Milanese strap are both great!


You can choose what you like.


I share two types of Theodora’s watches.

Which one do you like the most?


Now Mother’s Day gift sets are on sale.

It is a good time to place the order.

Just check it right now on the website!