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Straps are just like the accessories.

The details make you different.


We will change our outfit style according to the change of seasons, everyday mood or the different occasions.

And straps are also in this case.

In spring and summer, some people who easily sweat can wear the Milanese straps.

In fall and winter, we suggest you wear the genuine leather straps to make you warm and comfy.


This article is for those who already have watches and do not want to buy a new one.

Do you want to know how to replace Theodora’s straps on your watch?
 Then please see the tutorial below.

First, before you buy a strap, please prepare a ruler in order to measure the lug width.

The normal width is 18/20/22/24/26mm. Sometimes, it may have some special size. So you must measure the width before you buy the straps or you will buy the straps which are not suitable for your watch.


The way of measuring the lug width is just like the picture below.

Like the picture, the lug width of Theodora’s is 20mm=2cm. So even the watches of different brands, you can still change our straps in the same size.

The straps of Theodora’s are all quick release straps.

The width is 20mm.

You can choose various straps to change except Italian anti-fall deployment clasp straps.

Please buy it without hesitation.

And you can see the page of How to Change Your Strap.

There will be videos that can assist you to solve the problems.


We hope that everyone can learn how to change your watch band. Then, you don’t need to buy new watches anymore. The watch dial can be different and it depends on all kinds of straps.


Keep it fresh and create unique outfit every day.

Just come to buy your suitable straps right now and own diversified fashion style.