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When I was pregnant, I scrolled the posts on Instagram.

I found that parents in foreign countries would give newborn babies a gift.


I think it is so meaningful!

I just accidentally see the advertisement of Theodora’s.

So impressive!

And the price is also affordable.

Then I decide to buy it right away.


 Theodora’s Angel Gift Set

When I received the order, I was so surprised.

The service of the brand is really good.

There are lots of items in the Angel Gift Set:

 A Gaia White Embossed Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch, a 316L Stainless Steel Bracelet for Mom, a Big Baby or Baby Bracelet, a silver polishing cloth, a watch warranty code card and an instruction for maintenance.

When I was young, I always loved to wear watches.

I like to make others impress by the timepiece I wear.


Be special and wonderful!


Watches are one of the important items for outfit nowadays.

Here is the look!

Only one word can describe it!



I like the eggshell white dial with the rose gold Milanese strap.

It is elegant and pretty.


It makes you attractive and chic.

And you can also adjust the size of the strap.

There are also three good things for this brand:

1. One-year warranty 
2. Free battery replacement
3. 15 day for free return


Isn’t it great?

This is so nice for me!

The bracelet for Mom is rose gold.

And the baby one is silver. It is the original color of the stainless steel.


●Baby& Big Baby Bracelet are made from 316L stainless steel like other accessories. They are all made from medical stainless steel 316L.

●Baby& Big Baby Bracelet are 316L primary color. It won’t fade easily. You can also wear it when you take a shower.

●Baby Bracelet ( Under the Age of 2) 
Recommended circumference: 10-12 cm

●Big Baby Bracelet ( Over the Age of 2)

Recommended circumference:12-14 cm

※316L Stainless Steel Information:


●Won’t fade easily or cause qualitative change.
●Won’t deform easily

There are two types you can choose.




I choose the one called ALWAYS SMILE.

I hope she can overcome all the difficulties in the future.

Wear smile to face it.

The 316L stainless steel won’t rust easily.

It might be the heirloom for her.

Or when she grows up, she can make it become a necklace.

I just hold the hand of my one month old daughter .

Let her wear her first gift I give her.

It is so meaningful.


Recommend all the parents.

Give this gift to your baby.


It also has the bracelet for Dad.

Hope everyone will love this share!

Credit: 我愛人妻少女心