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Since I bought the mother-daughter bracelet gift set last time, I have become a big fan of this brand, Theodora’s.

It’s so popular right now!


I mentioned that I wanted to buy a watch before to my hubby.

And Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, so I decided to buy couple watches for him.

We could give the watch to my husband and myself.

That was great!


On Valentine’s day, we went on a date. I was going to give this present to my husband as a surprise in the restaurant.


The gift set also has a beautiful bow. You don’t have to buy the gift wrap anymore.

 You can directly give the gift away. It’s convenient and sweet.

Hera Couple Watches Gift Sets


It includes lots of things such as an eggshell white dial watch, an black dial watch, a brown genuine leather strap, a black genuine leather strap, a paper bag, a tutorial card, a warranty code card, a silver polishing cloth and a small tool for adjusting the Milanese strap.

You can actually buy other types of couple watches gift sets.

See more info here: https://www.theodorawatches.com.my/

The reason of choosing this Hera Collection is that the Milanese strap is anti-allergic.

My husband and I both easily sweat.

It is quite comfy and cool in summer.

You can wear this one to be chic and classic.

With it, you can fit in every outfit.


One is black and the other is white. Both are suitable for men or women.

The couple watches are definitely looking great on us.

And the size is all the same. We can also exchange the couple watches as we want.

It makes you feel that you actually own two kinds of watches.

It is a good value!

Normally, I wear this simple but elegant watch.

Hera eggshell white with Milanese strap is quite good.

The length of the strap can be adjusted with this small tool.

Tutorial of strap adjustment:  https://www.theodorawatches.com.my/pages/how-to-change-your-strap

Considerately, Theodora’s also gives you two types of genuine leather straps in this gift set. According to different occasions, you can change the strap.

No matter for the official work place or the casual party, you can wear it.


The buckle of the genuine leather strap are all carved the word, Theodoras’s. It is perfect and delicate in the details. Make you feel like buying something from abroad or brands in department stores.


The watches of Theodora’s are all quick release straps.

You don’t need to have a tool to change it.

It is pretty easy.


Only when you want to adjust the circumference of the Milanese straps, you’ll need a tool to do it. And don’t worry that theodora’s will send you one with the product of Milanese strap.


Please do not use your finger to adjust it or you might get hurt.

Apollo Chronograph Skin Pink Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch with Bracelet


It has an Apollo 3-sub dial Milanese strap watch, an rose gold bracelet and a blue genuine leather strap.


Besides, it also includes a paper bag, tutorial card, silver polishing cloth and the tool for adjustment Milanese straps.


I always want a stylish 3-sub dial watch. And I found it in Theodora’s.

The skin pink color with the neutral big size watch face is the best item for every day outfit.

The rose gold bracelet of Theodora’s can give you another choice to match your clothes.

 You can also change your strap into the blue crazy horse leather one.

Do you know what kinds of watch makes you look smart and independent?

This is exactly the one!


When you wear this watch, you will look different.

The whole gift set is convenient to send others for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine ’s Day.


You can also keep it for yourself.

Probably a gift for your promotion.


Now it is already the time of girl power.


You can buy what you want for yourself.

It looks pretty nice and exquisite.

It is a nice-looking Apollo chronograph.

Highly recommend to Moms like me lol.

Fashionable and cool moms.

Besides, the price is pretty affordable for you guys.


The quality is quite good and chic. It won’t disappoint you.

Reminder: every product has 15 days for free return and a one-year warranty.

So you can purchase it without hesitation.


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