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Throw the skirt aside! Use denim and wine red dial to create a stylish and characteristic outfit.

Recommendation of outfit of Today: Zeus wine red chronograph dial with crazy horse strap + Denim outfit

Denim matching with wine red dial watch makes the outfit characteristic and eye-catching. The light brown crazy horse leather strap is soft and comfortable to wear; it also gives the chic wine red dial a natural touch. The match of the strap and dial looks casual and spontaneous.

Differ from the normal match, like matching with red leather strap or rose gold Milanese strap, the match with light brown crazy horse strap makes a brand new style. It’s casual but sophisticated and has a warmer touch of leather.

Brown leather maintain the natural wrinkles on it, thus, every crazy horse strap is unique. As the time goes by, the condition of leather would change naturally. You can feel the footprints that the time passed by.

Jean, denim jacket, short boots and wine red dial watch make you jump out of the majority trend of women, you’d look unique and outstanding.

photos from:艾波

Who says women could only wear dresses and skirts, change your style occasionally, stylish denim can stress a different kind of beauty of women. Your outfit, you decide what to wear, don’t need to care about what people say, just love what you love.


Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Recommendation:Zeus Chronograph Neutral Wine Red Dial Light Brown Crazy Horse Leather Strap Watch

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