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【Featured】Real Feedback & Comments from Our Customers

This article collects real comments & feedback from our customers, let our customers tell you how worthy Theodora’s watches is. Are you still hesitating about which watch to buy? Just take the advices from our customers!

Compare with other foreign brands watches, Theodora is a Taiwanese watch brand, the average price of our watches is more affordable. The packages of our products are high-quality and compacted, our watches would be a pretty good choice as a gift.

Even just purchasing only a piece of watch or bracelet, it will be packaged perfectly in a high-quality box. The one your send the gift to will be very happy receiving such a lovely gift, and you will definitely be considered as a thoughtful and sweet friend!

Except purchasing the watch to reward yourself, Theodora’s watches could be a wonderful choice as a gift for your lovers, friends, parents on special days. Theodora’s watches are mostly gender-neutral which are suitable for both male or female. Couples could purchase two pieces of watch, it will be so interesting to switch watches with each other sometimes.

Theodora will constantly release new gift sets, so you don’t need to worry about what kind of gift you have to give to your loved one on special days. The watches will accompany your loved one even if you’re not there by their sides. They will think of you every time they check the time and feel your love for them, isn’t it sweet? 

It’s very convenient that every gift box comes with a Theodora’s paper bag, thus, you don’t need to waste your time and money to buy one if you want to send as a gift for someone. 

There are 10 series of Theodora’s watches for now, every series has its own specialty. Some of them are simple and stylish, other of them are more functional. They could be cool and elegant at the same time, and you can change the strap you prefer by yourself anytime!

The eye-catching watches will make most people want to collect all of them as a series of collection LOL.

After reading the customers’ feedback & comments, do you understand Theodora’s more? If you need to pick a gift lately, Theodora’s watches will be the best choice. There’s no bricks-and-mortar of Theodora’s for now, but we promise one-year warranty and also provide free battery-changing service during lifetime.