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【Featured】This Watch is More Refreshing Than a Cup of Bubble Milk Tea. It'll Make You Shine When Taking a Photo 

Compare with simple white dial or eye-catching red dial, this skin pink dial is rather elegant and brilliant. This color is tender and perfectly fitting the skin tone of Asian people. Wearing this watch when you go out, you would look amazing without filters when taking photos! 

Skin pink is the color of dried roses, tender and elegant. This watch has functional chronograph, and it would elevate your complexion when you put it on. It’s popular among female customers.

Photo credit @lovemuse_chen


The glitter of this watch is shining and eye-catching when the dial reflecting the sunshine. It matches all rose gold bracelets, and highlighting your outfit.

Photo credit: @lydia.share


It’s important to have a nice watch to match your outfit.

Graceful or casual looks could easily be upgraded by this watch.


Photo credit: @athena_310

It would be a harmony that this watch matching with the same color tone clothes, like beige or khaki clothes. 

This warm and tasty milk-tea color would make you in a good mood all day long.

You would shine in every photo with this tender skin pink color

Floodlighting a fancy color uniquely.

Customer from Hong Kong also highly recommends this watch.

Like the sunshine, it’s important but not too dazzling. Makes your complexion better during all day.

Don’t be surprised, men would also fall in love with this cozy color.

Matching with different strap, it becomes a brand new style immediately.

Whether men or women are suitable to wear this watch with such glamorous color.

Are you hesitating about which color your watch should be? Just give this one a try!

This beautiful skin pink color is more refreshing than a cup of bubble milk tea.

It would make you feel heart-warming every day!

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