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【Global Internet Celebrities Recommendation】Theodora’s: Presents from Heaven. An Iconic Brand of Watches and First Choice of Gifting

Theodora’s is an iconic brand of watches and chic accessories. It comes from Taiwan. The watch collections of Theodora’s are mostly designed in modern and minimal style. Thanks to the simplicity of the watches, its neutral characteristic fascinates boys and girls. Positive reviews and recommendations from bloggers worldwide are raising in short period of time. What brought their attentions in Theodora’s is the high-quality watches and the competitive price. It’s truly a top notch in this field.

The design of Theodora’s watches is various and their accessories are super easy to match with watches and highlight daily outfits in styles. Furthermore, Theodora, its origin is Greek Θεο+δώρα,the meaning is “ Present from heaven”. It sounds very romantic and sincere if you are receiving a gift of them. There is also unique blessed meaning for each Theodora’s watch collection. Both gift sender and receiver could cohere the message behind their watches. 

The most popular collection is Apollo Chronograph Watches. There are many colors of dial and different choices of straps for you to match with your own styles.

↓This Apollo skin pink watch below is one of girls’ favorite.↓

The tender tone of the skin pink color presents the elegance. It looks very exquisite matching with dresses and brings you a tender vibe in the outfits.




The bright dial surface glows as if it’s filtered by lightening effect. The color is very fascinating.

Recommendation: Apollo Skin Pink Chronograph Watch


Boys are recommended to have Apollo blue chronograph watch.


Warm and deep color meet their balance in this watch. The gift box looks so exquisite for boyfriend-gifting. The texture of the brown crazy horse leather strap is tender and tough. Wearing it is comfortable and most importantly, it helps to complete a handsome chic look.

Exclusive and exquisite package for your watch provides perfect protection and storage.
It also looks nice when you presenting it to the gift receiver.
Recommendation: Apollo Dark Blue Chronograph Watch with Crazy Horse Leather Strap



 There are various choices of straps in Theodora’s. You can easily find different materials and colors of straps on their website to match your own fashion style.

Blogger customized match: Apollo Skin Pink Chronograph Watch with White Leather Strap



Theodora’s offers different limited and excusive gift sets by seasons and festivals. If you are finding something new and attractive, you cannot miss their special edition gift sets. Those who receive presents like this will be glad.

Where there is a reason to send a gift, there are always most-wanted gift sets at Theodora’s. To send a watch gift set is as to promise your time to someone important. And if you choose Theodora’s gift sets to give, the meaning behind is you are sending presents from Heaven. Is it so romantic?

Last but not the least, everything from Theodora’s are packaged perfectly with gift boxes and branded bags. They also provide a tool kit for you to adjust your strap. All watches apply with free return within 15 days, 1-year warranty and free battery-exchange service. Both the product itself and the after-sale service are cared and thoughtful. You will enjoy the shopping journey and feel comfortable to make a purchase even if you are new to Theodora’s. Don’t hesitate anymore, go to their website and choose your presents from Heaven now.


Pay a visit to Theodora’s to learn more: Theodora’s Official Website

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