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【Featured Watch】Vintage Style is the Mainstream! Red Block Wall, Vespa, and Aurora Black Make up Your Vogue in Lanes

Apart from wearing new outfits, to celebrate a new year, don’t forget to get yourself a new watch.

It is a symbol that the new time starts from now on. Everything will be renewed.

This time we would like to introduce one of our bestsellers:

Venus-Mother-of-Pearl black.

The gloss spreads like an aurora. With this watch, I promise you will become the brightest focus in your family this year. You will have a good mood to reunite with your family. 

The lightweight design makes it easier to take a beautiful picture anytime or anywhere. Your friends may envy you.

Either a red block wall in the countryside or the classy Vespa can turn into a new scene with you and your watch. 

Check in with the aurora black watch and share the post with your friend any time!

This Venus-black Mother-of-Pearl watch can be either unobtrusive or sparkly.

With different gloss glittering, this watch is unique as a rare aurora.

Regardless of Day and night, the aurora can decorate your charisma with its own feature.

The most fashionable style this year is this one with a point but display in a subdued way.

It suits those who want to be unobtrusive but opt for an unconventional style.

In 2020, Let Theodora go with you and reunion with your family. Wander each alley and lane and still be chic.

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All watches of Theodora have a free return within 15 days and a one-year warranty. Don’t worry. Our watches are suitable for both gentlemen and ladies.

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