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【Unboxing】Theodora’s— The Incomparable Gift for Valentine’s Day. High-Quality and Exquisite.

The year of 2020 just starts, and most people burn through money when paying tax and giving red envelopes. Now, it is time to throw your money into Valentine’s Day. Therefore, I, Moni, choose Theodora’s to unbox, since their watches are high-class but affordable.

I like watches so much myself. My husband and I gave a watch to each other before. However, we thought that a couple should have not only couple outfit but couple watch or couple bracelets.

Usually, the watches of High-class brands consume tons of money. I personally consider that the couple watch doesn’t need to cost too much. Thus, I searched on the internet and found Theodora’s as my choice. The main reason is that watches of D brand have been unboxed by many internet celebrities.

So, I didn’t want to follow an ordinary way to celebrate this memorable day. Furthermore, the price, story, image, and gift sets about Theodora caught my heart. Finally, I determined Theodora’s couple watches as gifts.

In the beginning, I actually preferred D brand rather than Theodora’s, until I browsed tons of internet celebrities showed their discount code. What’s more, even most friends of mine wore D brand’s watches. I gave up this brand with no doubt. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recognize the wonderful brand, Theodora’s.

From the design of the brand, the name, the gift box, the quality of watch and variety, Theodora deeply touches my heart.

I recommend Theodora’s to you for a gift of Valentine’s Day. When it comes to Valentine’s day, couples anticipate something special only related to themselves. If you wonder which to give, How about Theodora’s couple watch sets?

Theodora operates as an online store. They haven’t had physical stores yet. So, I unbox this brand for you. I am satisfied with Theodora’s products, especially the packing bag.

Theodora’s thoughtfully offers a paper bag and a drawstring bag as outer packing to customers, Wrapping the bubble wrap around the gift box carefully. I love opening presents; hence, the multi-layer package makes me surprise. 

By the way, after receiving your order, don’t forget to login into your account and confirm the warranty within 7 days. All watches have a one-year after service and free battery-changing service.

Besides, all of Theodora’s products have 15 days appreciation period. Nevertheless, if you have ever used the products, the appreciation period rule can’t apply to the products. By the way, the palettes of black and gold make this gift box impressive.

This time My husband and I chose our couple watches from Theodora’s couple watch series, Pandora gift set- Venus couple watches and alternative watch bands.

At that time, we wondered whether to take chronographs or not. Considering my husband has owned many chronographs already, we choose mother-of-pearl watches due to their elegance and grace.

Frankly speaking of this Theodora’s couple watch set, the aqua blue dial watch for men looks so appealing, as the aqua blue watch reflects a blue and green gloss under a light.

On the other hand, the burgundy dial is with sustainable beauty, shining with the gloss of burgundy and pearl white. No matter which one is great.

A Theodora’s couple watch set for Valentine’s Day contains a warranty card, alternative watch straps for two watches, and two dust bags.

Besides, they put tools for adjusting the width and looseness of metal strap and screws in the box.

A warranty card contains a serial number, illustrations, a polishing cloth, etc.

For Valentine’s day this time, Theodora’s couple watch sets all offer two sorts of watch straps to customers.

If you are not sure that your better half prefers metal straps or genuine straps. This gift set can solve your problem.

Moreover, couples can make their choices through their mood or outfit.

When I heard Theodora’s for the first time, the magnificent name captivates me. Similar to the concept of Greek myth, this brand is in the name of a brave, independent and consistent woman, the queen of Justinian I. When pursuing the dream, you can also support others', being determined and tolerant. That is the reason we choose Theodora as our brand name. This explanation is just a brief part of the story on the website.

Theodora’s has another meaning in Greek, which is the gift from heaven. What a delightful meaning! After reading the story of Theodora’s, I totally sink in it. Hence, the brand image matters a lot to itself. Only a common concept attracts those who with a similar one.

Venus’s natural mother-of-pearl series is made up of Japanese quartz movements,  mineral crystal glasses, and Titanium Steel watch straps. For functions, this series is water repellent and can stand 3 ATM pressure.

Due to the material of mother-of-pearl, the dials involve the grain of natural shell and reflection. As a result of that, every watch made of mother-of-pearl is unique. This feature catches our hearts.

The aqua blue dial shines like sea sparkling with the sunlight, with profound bluish green spreading on the dial.

I also ask my photographer friend, Jerry, to take pictures for us.

His work includes wedding photography. If you like his works, you can browse his website.

As my husband and I don’t take beautiful candid photos often, we want to have some memorable photos by the chance of writing unboxing feedback.

Four grid photos for Valentine’s day.

Basically, I always search for some poses on the internet, otherwise, I get embarrassed on the spot.

Furthermore, we are not models. If we didn’t get into the scenes, our facial expression would be weird.

We decided to simple poses, and Jerry taught us how to adjust the poses. The differences are obvious.

Sometimes, getting along with their spouse longer, people just want to keep it simple.

However, I value special days a lot, including birthday, Valentine’s day, etc. These photos are shot for commemorating this Valentine’s Day.

As a spouse, Nothing is more important than your better half. Act talks louder. Don’t just say “I love you”. Giving a gift or dining together will do.

I don’t think that the gift for Valentine’s Day must be expensive, especially when you two are not with plenty of money. I often heard that someone spent ten thousands of dollars on a bag for his girlfriend.

In the end, they still broke up. Getting a girlfriend should not cause much money unless you are a millionaire. Gifts ranging in thousands of dollars should be more affordable.

There is one kind of my friend. They always told me that they broke up on Valentine’s day because their boyfriends did nothing for them. Their boyfriends paid no attention to them. Of course, these cases are extreme ones. I was once confused with this myth.

Eventually, I found that those who can manage their love are more tolerant of their girlfriends or boyfriends. Don’t just blame your spouse. All you need is finding out the reason and communicating with him or her unless he or she gets across the limit.

Compared to the price, I pay more attention to how much effort you put in.

Of course, I will be happy if my husband brings me hi-tech products, but the gift with love and effort matters most.

Like Theodora’s brand concept, the one who recognizes the beauty herself and other people’s virtue.

As the mother-of-Pearl series we choose, the watches may not be the most attractive, but most unique ones.

We often feel that our time almost runs out, having no time to accompany each other.

Now, the couple watches symbols that you are willing to take time to enjoy every step walk with your spouse.

As time goes by, you will witness the value of true love.

Couple watches, couple bracelets, couple necklaces, and couple rings can be regarded as gifts for Valentine’s day.

The grain of Mother-of-pearl looks fantastic as the texture of marble, shimmering like a starry sky.

The titanium steel watch straps upgrade the quality to another level.

Genuine leather straps are another pure style, adding vivid character into the watches. So, we chose denim blue T-shirts as our outfit.

A Simple outfit highlight genuine leather watch straps personal style.

Genuine leather watch straps present our naïve and energetic look. That is the attraction of genuine leather watch straps

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