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Even the Goddess of Youth Agree! The lightest and most essential existence, Hebe 32 mm Square Watch Series.

Hebe square watch series is the first non-round watch series launched by Theodora’s. With simple and light cases, the 32 mm square watches are comfortable and elegant for girls.

The dials of the Hebe series come in five colors, skin pink, dark blue, red, black, white. The most popular color for girls is skin pink since the glossy color don’t need any filter to boost its grace.

On the other hand, black is a neutral color; therefore, it suits for boys and girls. The unique shape tells you “I am the trendiest.” Minimalist, low-profile, and confident are the feature of the Hebe series. Who says that watch should be round? Square ones are stylish as well.

Bluish-green ones of the Hebe series also go viral, especially with black watch straps. The match creates a sense of mystery. 

Hebe is the goddess of youth in Greek mythology, with a young and beautiful face. One of her works is pouring wine for the gods. She usually held a gold cup, shuttling through the great place of the gods. The existence of Hebe is the most magnificent scene for the gods.

Hebe is not the existence which has the very presence. On the contrary, she is more similar to essentials in our daily life, such as sunlight, water, and air, which are clear, transparent, but necessary.

The goal that we make the Hebe watch series is to break the stereotype of watch cases, which are always round. The design of the square case brings a refreshing trend for the boring shape of watches. Each inch of the Hebe watch series presents its attraction of the minimalist style. The design also wants to convey another idea; you don’ need to have complex elements to be fashionable.

As long as you wear a watch of the Hebe series, you will feel the energy from the goddess of youth, and your inner peace and tenderness spread out like phytoncide in the forest. You always stay quiet and be yourself, never competing with fakers. In the flow of time, you sprinkle the magic of happiness for this world.


You are the quintessence of timeless beauty.