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【Recommend】Three Unmissable Brownish-Red Watches! The Most Chic Color Here! Other Colors Make Way, Please.

Now, we have a new choice for the colors of Theodora's watches.

This chic color, brownish-red, is between red and brown, looking like mature burgundy.

The fashionable and vintage style of brownish-red is the main reason that many focus on the new arrivals.

This time, the curators choose the 3 brownish-red watches that go viral for you and show the face of these “stars”.



First-Hera Classic Neutral Milanese Strap Watch|Brownish-Red Dial-Brown Milanese Strap

Reflecting pure and chic gloss, this minimalist classic watch match with brownish-red Milanese straps. Harmonious aesthetics make the timepiece retro attractively. 

Hera watch series is the most classic series of Theodora’s thanks to the minimalist design and glossy dial. Besides, the prices of this watch are customer-friendly, which lower than USD 65.

What’s more, all products have a one-year warranty and can return your order within 15 days after receiving it, wrapped in gift boxes. It’s a great deal for those who purchase a watch first time. 

The alluring color looks so retro and elegant. (Go Here)



Second-Apollo Neutral Chronograph|Brownish Red Dial-Brown Milanese Strap

The Apollo chronograph series is gorgeous and charming.

With the function of displaying weeks, dates, and 24-hour clock, the satisfying colors of watches make you modern and professional.

If you have this vogue, you will stay ahead of the fashion trend.

As long as you make an order on Theodora’s website, you will get Theodora’s gift bag. For either personal usage or gifts giving, Theodora’s is your top choice.

Combining with a dark brown leather bracelet, the match is eye-catching and distinctive. The simpler, the better.


Watch-Apollo Neutral Chronograph|Brownish Red Dial-Brown Milanese Strap

Bracelet-Oread Genuine Leather Dual Braided Bracelet|Dark Brown-Women



Third-Venus Natural Mother-of-Pearl Watch|Brownish Red Dial-Brown Milanese Strap

The unique grains of mother-of-pearl show elegance. Combining with Roman numerals and watch hands, the Venus brownish-red watch is unmatched.

Moreover, you will observe varied attraction at each angle, since the reflection of dials varies with angles. Even a simple inspiration turns into an exquisite style.

The brownish-red watches have two sorts of watch dials. You can choose either a large one or a small one.


Large-Venus Natural Mother-of-Pearl Watch|Brownish Red Dial-Brown Milanese Strap

Small-Venus Natural Mother-of-Pearl Watch|Brownish Red Dial【small】-Brown Milanese Strap

The small dials have their own mildness, also making people deep into beauty. 

The large ones look pretty good, too.

I would like to suggest an infinity leather bracelet to you to match the Venus brownish-red watches of a large dial version.

Portuguese romance immediately appears right in front of you. 


Bracelet-Oread Infinity Genuine Leather Magnetic Bracelet|Dark Brown-Women

Finally, if you want to distinguish your fashion taste from other people's, then, you must not miss the new color released by Theodora’s, brownish-red.