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【Gift Guide】Highlighted 4 Gift Set! Minimalist & For All-Purpose, You Can Wear Whole Year!

Are you confused about which gift you should choose for friends? If you are, you must know Theodora’s exclusive gift sets released at a specific time!

All gift sets are at stealing price. Besides, you can choose a strap you like. However, these light and thoughtful sets are time-limited. Sunny suggest you put them on your list. You must not miss these gift sets if they are on stock. The exquisite package shows you pay attention to your friends.

Now, Sunny gonna recommend the most popular 4 gift sets to you. Both boys and girls should know them. Either basic style or either functional style, the 4 gift sets below all have, so you should mark them and these gift sets will be handy for you sometimes.


【The first gift set】


Exclusive gift set: Apollo Chronograph Watch Gift Set|Bluish-Green Dial-Black Milanese Straps+ Alternative Strap

 This bluish-green watch gift set is the favorite of net citizens as presents. The color suits any gender. Combined with black watch straps, the rare bluish-green dials can be seen as the trendy symbol of Theodora’s. This perfect match is the top pick for preparing a gift.


【The second gift set】

Exclusive gift set: Apollo Chronograph Watch Gift Set|Black Dial-Black Milanese Straps+ Alternative Strap

If you don’t have much budget, Hera watch series will save your money. For example, this gift set of Hera dark blue dial is a big hit. The minimalism mixes with profound elegance; the sedate looking highlights your good taste.

Moreover, you can get a free watch strap as long as you purchase these gift sets. You can choose the color of the free strap. That’s a real bargain! Sunny recommend you get one of these gifts set during the promotion. All are five-star rated!


【The fourth gift set】

Exclusive gift set: Hera Watch Gift Set|Eggshell-White Dial-Rose Gold Milanese straps+ Alternative strap

The classic of the classic is unmissable. The minimalist eggshell white is the basic style for men and women. The quality of Theodora’s watches can compete with foreign ones. Thanks to quick release straps, you can change the various watch straps anytime. Therefore, the purest white watch has the most variety. No wonder this style becomes the top of bestsellers.

Apart from the 4 gift sets mentioned above, the official website of Theodora’s has more styles for you. Welcome to click the link to visit Theodora’s. :Have a Visit