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【Location Shooting Plan】No Need to Go Abroad to Shoot Pictures of Top Class! Six Watches Play & Shoot with You.

 In the summer of 2020, THEODORA’S came to South Taiwan, we made a challenge that took deluxe pictures even not went abroad. Hurry up and see which watches went on a trip with us. 

The first stop was the Chimei Museum. With blue splashed on the sky and a white hallway extending visually, you take everyone’s attention even with any poses.

To take pictures with Apollo bluish-green chronograph, there is no other place more suitable than here. Sparkling glow and unique green totally fit Apollo’s characteristics, which are bright and warm. Level up your attraction to the max! (Link)

 You don’t really need to go abroad to own scenes like the wonders of the world. A row of European buildings looks so glamorous and deluxe, plus a row of statues of Greek deities, you will feel like being abroad really at that moment.

Matching with Orpheus mother-of-pearl chronograph, the whole picture seems so What the best words to describe Orpheus watch series are elegant, luxurious, and bewitching. (Link)

With the background in European palace style, You really don’t spend tons of money; then you still can be a ladies of Paris.

Orpheus watch in red catches my heart, too. Beguiling grains of mother-of-pearl sparkling with luster under the sunshine. (Link)

When entering the hobby, taking pictures in the middle of the pillars looks beautiful. With warm color tones and a sunny day, these elements portray a leisure, fascinating scene.

With Apollo skin pink watch which is girls’ favorite, the soothing color tones will melt your heart. Boys, take your girlfriend to shoot beautiful pictures here. (Link)

More elegant and unique is taking pictures with a square watch here.

A bluish-green dial and black watch straps discover a light beauty which is profound in grace. (Link)

Don’t forget this piece of the glass curtain wall. With light sprinkling on the ground, the place throws one into a dream that you really stand in the Sky Garden. In such an enthralling scene, which looks so magnificent, anyone here just enjoyed sinking in the sunshine.

With a white mother-of-pearl watch, the background inclines its pureness. No need to fly to England, you still find a captivating view resemble one of a palace. (Link)

More attraction for shooting pictures, please follow the website and the fan page of THEODORA’S.

The watches mentioned above have been collected down below.

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